Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A good cause!

Recently, PBGB made a donation to the Graham and Grunden Music Scholarship Committee.

The Committee is co-ordinating professional development scholarships for young ( ages 8 to 20 ) Indigenous musicians in the Mallacoota region.

Awards will be presented during NAIDOC week, in July.

Donations are tax deductible.

Friends of PBGB may be interested to make a donation.

You can do so by mailing a cheque to

The Graham and Grunden Music Scholarship Committee

PO Box 414

Mallacoota Victoria 3892

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The PBGB Blog goes public.

Thanks for coming and having a look at our blog. Well, like most things with PBGB it's a little more complicated than that - it's more of a website than a blog, although the main page will be regularly updated..

Use the headings across the top of the page to navigate around - read the history of PBGB; the story of "The Shed" in local folklore; see pics of the band; read our original song lyrics; play a few songs on the player on the right of each page; visit the shop to buy a T-shirt or soon, a CD; there's even a video to watch.

No expense has been spared to provide a multi-media PBGB experience :)

One last thing - we will be doing a few gigs this year, so why not join our mailing list (you can do it in the right hand column) so we can let you know where and when. "Friends of PBGB" will always get preferential tickets.

Now, have a wander around - leave a comment if you like.

Have fun!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Interview ABC Canberra 666 Radio

Pete and Heather visited Canberra ABC's studio on Saturday to appear on Greg Bayliss' "Garage Idle" - Neil got in a phone hook-up to talk about his "jiguma" project as well. You can listen to a recording of the relevent bits of the show here:

PBGB on Canberra ABC at MacJams

Just click on the link then use the player under the PBGB logo to listen. While you're doing so, you can check out the comments of other MacJammers.