Monday, 29 August 2011


Back in 2009, local singer/guitarist Jack Biilmann contributed his interpretation of John Butler's 'Ocean' to our 5th cd. It was  Jack's very first recording. You can listen to it by clicking on the title in the PBGB Vault. 

About a month ago, Jack’s Mum Clare told us that a friend she had staying for a few weeks was a fine singer and would like to visit The Shed. Deal done. Enter Sasha Dee.
We soon decided that it would be nice to record some songs with Sasha and send her home from holidays with a cd of her efforts under her arm.
Sasha chose to work on four of our songs, and we have wrapped up Sasha’s mini cd.
We thought we would post a couple of the songs Sasha chose on the PBGB Blog.
Hence, if you click on Safe Hands in the PBGB Juke Box, or Lifeline in the PBGB Vault, you will hear Sasha in all her glory ! Enjoy.
The version of Lifeline in The Vault is the first posting of Gus’ great song.
It features :
Sasha Dee on Vocals
Gus Washbourne on Rhythm Guitar/bgv
Neil Porter on Lead Guitar/bgv
Ken Vatcher on Drums
Peter Reid - bgv
And on Bass, Kevin Breeze’s first posting.
A warm welcome to the PBGB Family Kev and Sasha !!
Thanks for coming Sasha – it was great fun.
Hope to see you In The Shed Again real soon !

Monday, 15 August 2011

“Project Sasha”

Snaps of Kev and Ken working hard on our latest project.
Curious ? We should be able to post some results soon – stay tuned !

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Saw an ad in the local paper about a month ago. Read something like ...”mature aged bass player looking for opportunity to play some music”.
So we rang. Spoke with Kevin Breeze, and explained as best we could what PBGB actually is ( not that easy ). Referred Kevin to our blog site and said that if he liked what he heard we would be very pleased to have him along for a Sesh.
Well Kevin did like what he heard and he came along, and as it turns out, he fits in very nicely indeed.
Kevin grew up in the Southern suburbs of Sydney and played with a few bands around that area. He moved down to the far South Coast around 2003 and is establishing a telephone and data installation and maintenance business.
He plays a Gibson SG bass and a Hohner "Beatle Bass", and is currently picking up on a few of our songs, plus helping us develop a newie or two.
Hopefully we will be able to post a song with Kevin playing on it soon. Watch this space !
Welcome aboard Kev. Hold on – hope you enjoy the ride !
In mid 2011 it became clear that Chris was suffering what would likely be mid to long term 'issues' with his wrists, and those issues really required that Chris take it easy on the bass. Fortuitously we saw an ad in the local paper by a bass player who was looking to play some music.

This led to our recruiting of Kevin Breeze as a bass player. Kevin plays really solid bass, and fits into The Shed very nicely indeed.

As of early September, Kev is still enjoying The Shed very much, and having recorded The Sasha Project with us ( listen to Lifeline for an example of Kev's bass skills ) is now a fully fledged member of the PBGB Family. Welcome Kev !

Chris is still with us of course - just resting the wrists at the moment.