Friday, 17 February 2017


Couple of weeks back we played back some early PBGB recordings while packing up apres Sesh.   

Neil's song ' Under The Southern Cross' popped up. It must have been five years since we last heard it. Neil's ears pricked up. We thought it sounded pretty smart. We chatted............... realised we had never posted it on the PBGB blog.

'Why not ?' we wondered. Buggered if we knew.

"Well let's do it" .

So Neil dug the Logic files up and had a bit of a fiddle. Added a dash of this and dab of that. Fine-tuned the mix as it were.

THIS  is how it came out.

We recorded it back in 2011.

Neil wrote the song in response to the then recent Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi  which seriously lashed the coast of Queensland. It also drove some beautiful lines of swell down to Pambula.  Good for us, not so good for Queensland !

Back then, Neil, Chris Ralfs (once aptly described by Jenny Halper as ' the Grizzled Bass Warrior' )  and Pete jammed regularly as a threesome in The Shed. 

So that's Neil singing and playing guitar and some keyboard overlays, Chris on bass, and Pete on drums.

Still not sure why we didn't post it back then !

Friday, 3 February 2017


This one is Graham
Graham has been a regular and enthusiastic Shedder since mid 2016. He is now happily ensconced in his corner of The PBGB Shed surrounded by things he hits and a maze of microphones and leads.

Graham has contributed his percussion chops to a few of our songs now, but 'Georgie' represents Graham's second 'original' offering. That's 'original' in inverted commas......... on listening you might realise that we pinched the groove from T-Rex. More on that later.

When Graham first turned up at The Shed he, like everybody else, was warmly welcomed by George. George and Graham established an instant rapport that soon became a solid bond................they have become best mates.

George of course has been grooving along to music in The Shed all his life. He loves to mosie in, say hello to everybody, then curl up in or under the wagon and drift matter what sort of cacophony is going down.

Wasn't long before Graham decided to put his fondness for George into words. At the same time, the rest of us were kicking around a few grooves that might teach us a thing or three about syncopated funk.

One such groove was that which Marc Bolan used in T-Rex's number 1 hit of the early 70s "Get It On". T-Rex and funk ? A funky glam band ?  Really ?  Well, in fact, Marc Bolan, author, poet, and creator of T Rex, actually had a deep knowledge of, and respect for a huge range of musical styles and artists. He saw going glam as an extension of a long tradition of showmanship.... all part of the show. And why not ?  It's all entertainment after all. And it worked............T-Rex, arguably the first ever glam band, had eleven consecutive UK top 10 hits. 'Get It On', along with another three T-Rex songs, went to number 1 in the UK, and scored top 10 in the US. All this in direct competition with The Beatles. Not bad.

Meanwhile..........back in The Shed we were kicking the Get It On groove around when Graham fronted up with his lyrics for 'Georgie'. We decided to see if we could put the two together.

Listen to Georgie and see what you think.

And this one is George
What we can  tell you is that George approves. Woof ! He digs it, and that's good enough for us.

Graham wrote the lyrics, sang the song, and hit various percussive things.
Steve Faggotter played electric guitar.
Lou Nadin played acoustic guitar.
Mick Nadin played the harp and sang back-up vocals.
Kerry Hynes sang back-up vocals and made appropriate canine noises.
Neil Porter played the bass, as well as doing all the recording and production work.
Pete played the drums

It was a great fun project from start to finish, and what you hear is very close to a totally live take.

Good one thanks Graham ! 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Over the years the PBGB Shed has been blessed with visits from many of the fine musicians who underpin the Bega Valley's well earned reputation as a microcosm of creative musical excellence.

Now we are thrilled to welcome Colleen Spillane and Chris Komorowski to the PBGB fold.

Given Colleen's impressive record of live performances alongside PBGB Family Members Ken Vatcher, Steve Clark, Mark Bolsius, Mandy Siegel, Stacey Mills, Andy O'Donnell, Dave Crowden and John Drews, it is something of a wonder Colleen hadn't found her way into The Shed sooner.  

As it happens, not so long ago, we chatted about the possibility of recording Colleen in The Shed. Colleen was keen, and said she'd keep an eye out for the right opportunity.

Well that opportunity arose when Colleen told us that her close friend Chris Komorowski was coming to town for a series of gigs with the Dorian Mode Hammond Organ Trio, which happened to feature Ken Vatcher on drums, and that she and Chris would love to come over to The Shed and record a tune or two.

Well that lit us up big time !!  

Here's why.................

Colleen studied singing at The Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, and the University of Western Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Music (Honours). Since moving to Pambula, Colleen has dazzled audiences, singing with top local and touring musicians at events including the Merimbula Jazz Festival, and the Down South Jazz Club.  

Colleen first came to our notice when she became a regular feature artist with the brilliant Steve Clark Trio. Steve's trio cohorts were Ken Vatcher and Mark Bolsius. 

Colleen went on to team up with PBGB Family Members Mandy Siegel and Stacey Mills in the all gal  'Queen Tide' combo.

More recently, Colleen has knocked audiences dead with her contributions to The Figmentz ( Andy O'Donnell, Ken Vatcher, Dave Crowden, John Drews )  'Celebration of Joe Cocker' and 'Soul Shakedown' spectaculars, both of which have wowed audiences and startled unsuspecting punters with their professionalism.

On top of that Colleen and Stacey now make very welcome regular guest appearances at Figz gigs. 

If you Google Colleen Spillane you will come across numerous references, including a video of her brilliant performance at the 'Farewell to Mark Bolsius' show shortly before Mark, much to our dismay,  moved on from Merimbula.

And as for Chris....................

Well we feel absolutely blessed to have a musician of Chris' calibre join the PBGB Family.

Chris lives in Sydney, but performs fairly regularly on the far South Coast, due to his friendships with so many top musos from around these here parts. Chris has been playing guitar since he was a little tacker. Epiphanous musical moments included being awe-struck by The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Martin Taylor and Australia's own Tommy Emmanuel. Such musicians inspired Chris to, as he says "get serious" about his music. Fascinated by harmonies and intrigued by the boundless possibilities of jazz, Chris knuckled down and went on to graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium with a Masters In Jazz Performance degree.

If you Google up Chris, you'll see that he is very comfortable playing across a range of musical genres.............jazz, blues, pop, and country. You'll note that Chris has gigged with some of Australia's finest talents, including Lloyd Swanton, Col Nolan, Laurie Bennett, Pugsley Buzzard, Sandy Evans and Nichaud Fitzgibbon.

Chris has featured at  the Tamworth Festival, the Gympie Country Music Festival, and the Merimbula Jazz Festival, amongst many other prestigious gigs.

Chris released his debut cd "As I Hear It"  in 2010, and is now working on a cd of his own compositions, forever burrowing deeper into the limitless joy that is music.

Chris has his own website, which includes a video in which Chris appears with Steve Clark at Sydney's premier jazz haunt, The Basement.

So...............are we stoked to welcome Colleen and Chris to the PBGB fold ??  You bet we are !!

Chris and Colleen recorded five songs in an afternoon in The Shed. Given they were able to reel off stonking versions of these songs in short order, we decided we would create a Special PBGB Project to house all five songs. Click on The Colleen Spillane and Chris Komorowski Special Project on the right hand side of this page to listen to their musical brilliance, and read a bit about each of the songs they performed. 

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Chris and Colleen for coming on down to The Shed and sharing their brilliant musical chops with us. It was a fun afternoon, an absolute privilege to sit there and listen to these brilliant musicians perform at such a high standard.  Their contributions to the PBGB oeuvre surely rank amongst the classiest recordings we have made.

Welcome to The PBGB Family Colleen and Chris!  We hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we did, and that we can all look forward to seeing you in The Shed again.

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Not so long ago Dawson was in The Shed noodling around with one of his many 'yet to be recorded' songs. He called it Dust. Everybody stopped dead in their tracks and listened...............we all really enjoyed what we heard. 
Sometimes we think songs sound pretty good in their most basic format. Some songs just don't need a whole lot of instruments stomping all over the place. 
In this instance we were all set to record Dawson on his lonesome, when he said he would like include a dash of harp from Mick. Well Mick added a dash of harp to the mix, and in hardly any time at all, maybe two takes, they had it sounding super. See Dawson and Mick conferring on the finer points in the photo. A bit of serious Sheddery going on there boys ! 
So, next time they were together in The Shed we turned on the recorder, and THIS came out. Neil tidied it up a bit, but essentially what you hear is what went down. 
Another absolutely live recording from The PBGB Shed. Well done boys. A beautiful song Dawson, well sung, and well played. Love the ukework !! And Mick.............very tasty harp licks sir! A stellar perormance. 
Dawson tells us that Dust is about some people who come from the big smoke to settle on the Far South Coast, thinking that the ' issues' that were plaguing them back in the city will just miraculously disappear with a change of scenery. Some do of course, but then again, some don't...............sometimes the Dust just won't settle. We live in a paradise, but what's in some peoples' minds can't necessarily be sorted by a change of scenery. 
Dawson wrote Dust, played the ukelele, and sang up a storm. Yet another great song thank you Dawson. Mick played the tasty accompaniment on harp. Top work Mick. Neil recorded and mixed it. Wonderful work lads. Hope you enjoy it folks.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Yep, Mick is happy in The Shed
Mick, aka local community radio station Sapphire 97.5 fm's General Mikey, has been a welcome regular at The Shed for over a year now.   
We knew from Mick's very first visit to The Shed, and from his radio show,  that Mick lurves da Reggae.    
When Mick introduced us to his new song 'Nanny State Madness' it confirmed for us that he not only digs da riddum of da reggae...... he is also deep into the protest strain that is the rootstock of reggae.   
Check out Mick's previous songs Bureaucracy and Destiny, and you'll get to hear Mick's views on a couple of deep socio / political issues.   
Nanny State Madness carries on that tradition with a few solid swipes at State intervention. Have a listen HERE.    
Despite Mick's rumblings about certain aspects of the world we live in, he is actually a happy chap..............he's loving The Shed, pumping out new songs, and wailing away on his vocals and his harps.   
Keep it up Mick............we're all digging it too !!   
Mick wrote the song, sings it, and plays da harp. 
Steve Faggotter plays rhythm and intro electric guitar. 
Gus Washbourne plays dem guitar solos 
Louise Nadin plays intro acoustic guitar 
Graham Brown provides percussion 
Dawson Graham sings backing vocals 
Neil Porter plays dat bass and produced the song
Peter Reid is on drums

Friday, 21 October 2016


It's been a while since Neil had a song posted on the blog, but here is the latest, just in time for the US election.  Click HERE to listen.

What needs to be said? 
An antipodean response to the lunacy that is the Trump "campaign". 

Peter Reid on drums, 
Mick Nadin on harmonica, 
Kerry Hynes on vocal 
Neil Porter on vocal, bass, guitars and production 

Mean Mr Mustard 
Got his foot in the door 
I don’t understand 
What you opened it for 
Drop your guard 
And he’ll walk right in 
Oozing that snake oil 
On everything 

Snake oil, snake oil 
Come and get your snake oil 
And you’ll stay alive 
Til a hundred and ten 
Snake oil, snake oil 
Buy my fine snake oil 
Gonna make you richer 
Than you’ve ever been 

Mass hypnosis 
Wild tirade 
He’s got all the skills 
Of the snake oil trade 
Big on slogans 
Small on hands 
Gonna make America 
Snake again 


Money on the counter 
He’ll give us all a case 
Snake oil man 
In a snake oil race 
Drop your guard 
And he’ll walk right in 
Oozing that snake oil 
On everything 

Gonna make you richer 
Gonna make you richer 
Gonna make you richer 
Than you’ve ever been 
Snake oil, snake oil 
Gonna make you richer 
Than you’ve ever been

Friday, 14 October 2016


'Round about August 2016 Kerry Hynes strolled into The Shed. We knew Kerry as one of the regular crowd who used to hang out at Figz Gigz at the fabled Cheeky Mango. 
Anyway, in she came, and before long was fronting up to a mic adding backing vocals to this and that. 
Next thing we knew she came in with some lyrics for a song she called Sugar. We added a pinch of blues, a spoonful of swing, and it started rising. Tasted pretty sweet. Mick added a dash of harp, Dawson threw in a dollop of the old Resonator, and we thought we pretty much had the ingredients ready to cook. As it happened, groovemaster Ken was lurking. You want swing ? 
We set a date for recording, and figured that we should have a crack at a totally live take. And that is pretty much exactly what happened..........a warm up, then one shot, two shots, and THIS is what came out - second time through. Sugar ? Sweet !! 
Well done Kerry ! Great debut. Welcome to the PBGB Family ma'am ! You nailed it. You can read a bit about Kerry's past musical exploits by clicking HERE

Friday, 23 September 2016


We got an email mid year.  'Twas from a fellow named Graham Brown who said he was a percussionist who had come across our website after talking with Neil, and was keen to drop into The Shed and see whether he might fit in.   
Well he did drop in, and he did fit in just fine. Been a regular ever since in fact. Got hisself and his percussion gear nicely set up over by the Shed door.   
Graham cottoned on to The Shed routine pretty smartly and before long arrived with his first attempt at a song. He had heard Gus call out "Forgot My Words" while Gus was leading us through one of his old tunes. Graham thought that might be the makings of a set of lyrics, so off he went.   
We had been messing about with the classic Bo Diddley feel for a while, and we thought that might work with Graham's lyrics.   Before long we had the lyrics and the feel stomping along together, and we were off !   HERE is what happened.    
So welcome to The Shed Graham, and thanks for the song.   
You can read more about how Graham came to be in The Shed by clicking HERE   
Graham wrote Forgot My Words, sings it, and plays percussion.   Steve Faggotter plays the guitar.   Mick Nadin blows his harp.   Neil Porter plays the bass and did the production work.   Pete plays the drums.     
Hope ya dig it !

Monday, 1 August 2016


Dawson with Frankie
Dawson had only owned his much loved Ashton Resonator guitar for a week when it fell down and busted it's neck.

Dawson, a 'Never Give Up' kind of guy got to work with some stainless steel plates and bolts and patched up the Resonator - check the photo.

With a bunch of bolts through the Resonator's neck, Dawson gave it the nick-name 'Frankie'. Very droll Dawson !

Anyway, a few weeks back, Dawson was in The Shed plunking away at a new song he had written, called Never Give Up.

Ken's interest was piqued, and before long he was sitting at the kit laying down a New Orleans style second line drum pattern. That  seemed to fit the song very nicely indeed.

Next thing we knew Neil had his bass strapped on, and the three of them recorded THIS.

The whole song went from Dawson messing about with a new tune through to completion in less than an hour. Well, Dawson did dub some harmonies later, but essentially this one came together very smartly indeed.

The lyrics to Never Give Up are self explanatory.......................keep on keeping on, don't give up. It's a sweet tune, very reminiscent of early Afro-American spiritual / gospel music.

Dawson and Frankie work together beautifully, and Dawson's vocals are as soulful as ever.

Ken's drums provide a very tasty backing, as does Neil's laid back bass feel. Thanks guys !

Hope y'all dig it !!!

Sunday, 3 July 2016


Mick Nadin
Immediately after we posted Mick's song 'Bureaucracy' on the PBGB Blog back in March, Mick was stirring us into action with a fresh number he titled 'Destiny'. You can listen to Destiny by clicking the link.

Although the songs feature very different feels, both share a commonality - they are both very much 'protest songs'.

The issue in question in Bureaucracy is self explanatory. The issues Mick highlights in Destiny are those of the invasion of Australia by Britain, and the refusal, to this day, of the conquerors to treat Australia's first people with due respect. In particular, Mick writes of his feelings about the ownership of the land and our refusal to agree a fair treaty with Australia's Indigenous people.

Mick tells the story .................

"Destiny began taking shape in my head after I read stories about the Eureka stockade. Impressions of rampant injustices began festering in my mind. Misunderstandings between the Aboriginals and the white colonists really became clear to me later on, while I was on holiday in Cooktown. And then, at the 2016 Cobargo Folk Festival I was fortunate enough to come into contact with well known Aussie songwriter Neil Murray who inspired me to write some verses down. The next day I sat in on an open forum with Aboriginal Elders who reinforced ideas I had and led me to write further verses.  'Destiny' was born!"

We Shedders are not averse to robust discussion around issues politic. Indeed a trawl through our earlier musical offerings will uncover many a song borne of dismay about how our world fails to function in ways we might prefer.
Tony Green

So yea, we're right with you on this one Mick.  Let's treaty !

Destiny marks the welcome PBGB Blog debut of Tony Green, who plays bass on the song.

Tony came out of the blue a couple of months back. He got in touch saying he had spotted the PBGB Blog and liked what he saw and heard. He asked if he might stick his head in one day and check it out. " Well sure Tony, come on down " !

Tony plays bass and guitar and is not averse to having  a sing. He is now a regular visitor to The Shed. Indeed, by featuring on a song posted on the PBGB Blog, Tony earns his stripes as a bona-fide member of the PBGB Family, not to mention collecting  a PBGB Tee Shirt.

Welcome to the Family Tony !!

You can read all about Tony's previous musical exploits by clicking HERE.

Mick wrote the song, sang it, and played the harp.
Steve Faggotter contributed the guitar licks
Tony Green debuted on bass
Pete did the drum stuff
Neil did the production work

And yes, the prolific Mick is already well underway with his next this space !