Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Just three days ago a gaggle of Shedders gathered with no particular agenda for the afternoon. After a quick natter we decided to try to get a new song down, from start to finish, on the day. An ambitious plan, but we have done it before, so........away we went.

Al had a fresh song in his kitbag, so we asked him to sing it through solo. He did. We liked it. We set to work.

We sorted out an arrangement and decided Al would play the first solo and Manny the second.

After two or three run throughs we thought, yea,  we might just be able to pull it off.

So we played it through as a rhythm section with Al providing a ghost vocal just so we knew where we were arrangement wise. Sounded good.

Al used the rhythm track to put down his 'proper' vocal track, then dropped in his lead break.

Neil took it home and mixed it down, adding a dash and sprinkle of his magic potion.

Voila !  THIS  is what came out.

All done in just three hours in The Shed and a couple of hours in Neil's Jiguma studio.  Cool!

Al tells us about Hazy Ann in his own words.......................

" OK,  so there really was a Hazy Ann but it was all a long time ago. I think as songwriters we sometimes say more about ourselves by our reactions and the positions we assume, than the protagonists we write about. A few women I have known fed into the song, but maybe they were cagey with me  for different reasons of their own. Maybe I brought that out in those women, I have no idea. In the end we mine our experience and knowledge to craft a vignette of life that explains or describes something. If a song is able to convey that to a listener in some way then that's a valid exercise.  I like the structure of Hazy Ann. I like the way the phrases clock onto the chords. I'm really happy to have a working version of Hazy Ann down on record and my thanks go to PBGB for that."

Well hell yea Al, thanks very much sir . It was pure pleasure!  Hazy Ann is a great little number and we had a ball putting it together.

We ?  Well,

Al wrote Hazy Ann, sang it and played his battered acoustic guitar
Manny Aigner played his acoustic, including on the second solo
Neil Porter played the bass and produced it
Graham Brown played the percussion
Pete played the drums

Hope ya dig it !!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Mick and Louise are such prolific songwriters that it seems like a long time since we last posted a song that one of them offered up. But the reality is that it was only in February 2018 that we posted Mick's 'Leaving It All To The Dog'.

'The Doctor' has been a while in the making. It's a song we've been toying for a good while. We've had it close to completion a couple of times, but Mick has, until now, been looking for that little extra something. That certain 'Je-ne-sais-quoi' !  Seems Mick wanted it to be 'just so', and in his search he has approached his vocals from a few different angles. Now he is happy, and HERE it is!

Louise and Mick co-authored Just What The Doctor Ordered.

Mick says the song "emerged during a weekend when he and Louise were camping and surfing at Saltwater, a particularly beautiful spot about an hour and a bit south of Pambula. The first line of the song came out of the blue, and basically inspired a tongue in cheek story which is fairly self explanatory. It draws on my dark sense of reality and life experience. Its seasoned with a little male chauvinism to keep it light hearted. Louise helped with the lyrics when I got stuck. Many a truth said in jest they say!"

Many PBGB Shedders have played around with The Doctor as it came together, but on this version

Mick sang the song and played harp
Louise played rhythm guitar
Steve Faggotter played lead guitar
Neil Porter played bass
Pete played drums

Neil also helped out with the recording and did all the production work

It's a great song thanks guys................a swinging little ditty that's always fun to play, what with its loping groove and dynamic changes.

All the Shedders like playing it, hope you like it too !

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


PBGB Shed stalwarts Louise and Mick Nadin recently introduced us to their friend Al Noble. Al is a songwriter, singer / guitarist who hails from Vimy Ridge, near Tathra. In fact Al told us that he lost his house and much property in the recent Tathra bushfires............unfortunately, grim stories relating to those devastating fires continue to roll out.

Al tells his fire story like this................." We live on Vimy Ridge, up the road from where the fire started at Reedy Swamp. The fire had a howling North West wind behind it. It destroyed our neighbours on the ridge to the west of us then hit us, jumped the river and continued on to Tathra. I had built a studio which we have been living in while building the main house which was unfinished but destroyed. We somehow saved the studio and so still have a place to live. There is a black line a metre or so around the studio where we fought the fire. Everything else is soot and dust for miles. I had stacks of humungous beams that I'd Lucas milled from trees on the block and all my building materials, machinery, tools, workshop, surfboards, boats, cars and trailers and caravans full of family heirlooms and antiques........ all gone. Hard to throw a dart at where to start again. One foot in front of the other I suppose."

So it must have been a somewhat dazed and confused Al who wandered in to the Sapphire fm local community radio studio with a sheaf of songs under his arm and played us one of his songs. He calls it 'Red Dress', and we were impressed.

It's a pretty simple ditty, as many of the best songs are. Just ask any blues fan. And like many great blues songs it includes lyrics that tell of toil and relief...........relief as spelled S E X .

We were on to it in a flash. We put down a very simple rhythm groove with just a flourish or two, and thought it sounded pretty good just like that. Al's vocals suit the scene really well, sort of gruff and growly.

So the next time we were in The Shed, Al joined us and we turned on the recorder.

Voila !   THIS is what came out.

That was great fun thanks Al, welcome aboard the good ship PBGB!   We look forward to your next song.

You can read a bit about Al's musical journey HERE.

Allan Noble wrote Red Dress, sang it, and played Louise's acoustic guitar  ( Al's instruments all gone up in flames )
Louise Nadin played bass
Mick Nadin played  harp
Graham Brown played percussion
Pete played  drums
Neil Porter took care of the recording and production work

Nice going team !!!!

Saturday, 26 May 2018


As mentioned in our previous post, the 'Band Together' Tathra Bushfire Relief Concert went off last night, and it was a raging success.

Not sure exactly how much money was raised yet, but a brace of local and big name national acts put on a thoroughly professional show with crowd estimates ranging between 3,500 and 5,000 punters

A plethora of PBGB Shedders graced the three stages, and a couple of them sported their PBGB Tee Shirts

Here's John Drews readying himself to harangue his Hammond with Michael Spiby and The Badloves

In fact 'The Badloves' set featured PBGB Shedders John Drews on the Hammond B3, Ken Vatcher on drums, Andy O'Donnell on guitar and backing vocals and Dave Crowden on backing vocals.

Not to be out-done, Frankie J Holden fronted up for his sound check with 'Ol 55' sporting his PBGB Tee Shirt...........

What a blast !!

Congratulations to everybody who contributed to this amazing display of community support !!

Saturday, 7 April 2018


It is typical of the Bega Valley music community that a call for help for a good cause is answered with an immediate and generous response.

Following the devastating bushfires that ravaged Tathra on March 18, oodles of relief efforts in local communities have sprung to life.

This little story tells of two such efforts that have been organised by the local music community.................a recording for the Tathra Sea Eagles Aussie Rules footy team, and a major fund raising concert scheduled for May 26.

First, the recording...................

Frankie J. Holden is well known across Australia as a singer, actor, TV show host, and more.

In our community he is known for all that, but also as a good bloke who is forever doing something or other to support the community. If it's a good cause, Frank is probably in there helping out !

Following the March 18 fires, Frank agreed to pull together a recording for the Tathra Sea Eagles Aussie Rules Footy Club.  The idea was to record a 'version' of Ross Wilson's stupendously popular song Eagle Rock. This version features lyrics that resonate for the Sea Eagles, and will be put to great use at a gala bushfire fund raising event run by the club.

Frank knows and performs with many of the best local musos,  and very quickly assembled a bunch of the 'usual suspects' to lay down the recording.

PBGB is more than happy to lend a hand to worthy causes, so we quickly  agreed to provide The Shed for the recording, and Neil Porter put his hand up as Producer.

The gang rolled in, set up, had a cuppla beers, a laugh or three, and it was all over in a couple of hours.

THIS is what we ended up with.................the Tathra Sea Eagles Rock.

Our gratitude, and apologies, to Ross Wilson for allowing this to happen. Thanks Ross !

The 'Usual Suspects' are............

Frankie J. Holden             Bastardised lyrics and Lead Vocals, hand clapping and sea eagle imitations
Ken Vatcher                       Drums and backing vocals
Garry Carson Jones         Lead Guitar and backing vocals
Andy O'Donnell                Acoustic Guitar, backing vocals, laughter and handclaps
Mick Potter                        Bass, backing vocals and handclaps
Neil Porter                         Recording and Production

Ken, Garry, and Andy have a fun history with the PBGB Shed................ Frank and Mick have both been in The Shed before, but the Sea Eagle Rock is their first Shed recording. Welcome aboard boys !!


Another fund raising effort which has the hands of Frank, Ken, Garry and Andy all over it. They are all closely involved in organising it, pulling in the acts, and performing at this gala event which is going to be a fund raising behemoth.

Featuring some very popular big name acts, including 'The Hoodoo Gurus', 'The Badloves', 'Ol' 55' and '1927', and a stellar line-up of the very best local acts, this show, will be held at the Sapphire Coast Turf Club Racecourse at Kalaru on May 26.

More information, including booking details can be found at

Go there now and book your tickets..............this will be huge !!!!

The Pambula Beach Garage Band is very pleased to be able to contribute to efforts to assist the victims of the Tathra bushfires.


Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Releasing "Happier Now" - Alice Wiebe from Pambula visited The Shed again this week to record a few more songs.  She last visited in 2017.  Alice is a year 12 student at Eden Marine Technology High School, and is studying music for her HSC.

We only had a couple of hours for Alice to record, and as before, she simply arrived, set up and did a quick soundcheck before knocking over three of her original songs and an Ed Sheeran cover with time to spare.

Alice writes good songs.  She shows a maturity beyond her years in her lyrics, and her melodies are perfectly aligned with her interesting/accurate vocals.  We are very happy to be able to give her some time to record a few songs for posterity (and perhaps to attract a gig or two).

All three original songs from this year's session (plus "Winter Clothes" from last year) are included on "The Alice Wiebe Project" page, where you can listen to the songs individually.  We would strongly recommend that you give each of the four songs there a spin - each of them is a very enjoyable listen.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


We of the PBGB Shed have had the great pleasure of Nathan Lygon's occasional company for a while now.

Nathan is a Yuin man.  Born right here in our much missed Pambula Hospital. Nathan started school at Pambula Primary, where, in year 5 he started messing with a didgeridoo. Been at it ever since. He finished year 12 at Eden High. Given all that, Nathan could just qualify as a local !   

Nathan, we have come to learn, is a tireless contributor to 'good things'. We first came across him performing at the Jigamy Farm 'Grow The Music' workshop. Grow the Music is an Australia wide youth oriented program which aims to improve the health and well-being of Indigenous communities  through workshops focussed on music and performing arts. So there was Nathan, down at Jigamy,  performing traditional dances with the little kids.............brilliant !!  In fact Nathan will soon be repeating that performance at a Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast 'Day at the Beach' for a busload of refugees who have recently arrived in Australia.  See what we mean about doing good ?  More power to you Nathan !!

Anyway, Nathan drops into The Shed every now and then, with his didgeridoo and a smile. He plonks hisself down and starts blowing.

Nobody in The Shed had ever worked with a didge player before, so we set about figuring what we could do to  best compliment what Nathan was playing. An excellent musical challenge !

Mother Of Eternity is the fifth PBGB song that Graham Brown has written lyrics for. Check out Graham's 'Musos Page' to track down the others. On this occasion Graham came up with the title, then went on to pen lyrics that he thought reflected the spirit of what we were trying to achieve in working with Nathan. Nathan approved, and that was just fine by us. Once Graham had polished up the lyrics, he asked Mick if he might sing it. Mick was happy to do so and did a fine job. Nice bit of teamwork there. The rest of us set about trying to place the didge in an appropriate musical context.

THIS is what we ended up with.  How'd we go ??

Nathan was right at home............blew his part brilliantly every run through, without batting an eyelid.

The rest of us tried our darndest to play stuff that complemented the didge and the mood of the song. Nathan is  pretty happy with the result, so, hey, what works for Nathan works for us.

Welcome to The PBGB Shed Nathan !!!

Mick Nadin sang
Nathan Lygon blew the Didgeridoo
Manny Aigner played the Guitar
Louise Nadin played Bass
Graham Brown wrote the lyrics and played Percussion
Pete drummed
Neil Porter did the Production work.

Thursday, 22 February 2018


Mick Nadin is proving to be a prolific songwriter. Seems like every time we wonder what to do next Mick has a swag of lyrics in his kit bag.

Not so long ago Chris Ralfs was hangin' in The Shed fidgeting about with a bass riff. Mick latched onto it and reckoned it would fit nicely under a set of lyrics he was working on. Well we started grooving on it, set up a feel, and away we went. Mick turned on his 'phone recorder.

A week or so later we cut a demo on the Shed recording set-up.  Mick took that home to ponder. He reckoned the demo didn't have the punch that the 'phone recording had, so we went back to tors and toughened up the groove.

Mick liked that a whole lot better. We all did. So, with the new grittier groove agreed, we got serious.

Chris the grizzled bass warrior
We recorded a pass or two, chose the one we liked best. Chris, occupying the PBGB Producer's seat for the first time, took it home and sent out a rough mix for comment. Everybody seemed to agree that the song had recaptured it's mojo.

After a round of re-jigging, a dash of dubbing, and a smattering of smarm,  Chris sent THIS down for another critique. Well we all liked it and ticked it off. We hope you dig it too.

We're really chuffed that Chris is cool about producing songs for us. He's certainly got the skills. Plus, he favours the same Logic software as Neil. We use logic in The Shed as well, so that makes life nice and easy. Chris has a different style to Neil, so hopefully we can fit song styles to production styles. Anyway, we now have two producers, which is brilliant !!  More please Chris.

'Leavin' It All To The Dog' is another nasty little nugget from Mick's pen. Pure fiction of course, but basically a tale of a dude who reckons that the wipe just ain't cuttin' the mustard. So he's kicked her out of the cot and figures he'll be leavin' his stash to the dog. Cop that !!

Mick Nadin wrote it, sang it and blew the Harp
Chris Ralfs came up with the riff, played Bass and Produced
Manny Aigner played the Lead Guitar
Neil Porter played the Rhythm Guitar
Graham Brown played Percussion
Pete played the Drums

So there !!

Sunday, 4 February 2018


Look at these guys will ya?  Look like they're having a good time?  They are. They love livin' down  here on the Sapphire Coast and they dig hangin' out in The Shed.

So much so that all the songs Graham has written for PBGB are either about The Shed............ 'Forgot My Words' and 'Georgie' , or about our fabulous beaches......... 'Bar Beach Groove'.  All those songs are right here on our blog. Look 'em up and have a listen.

Graham's latest offering, 'Paradiso' is also about our little piece of paradise on the beautiful Sapphire Coast. He brought the lyrics in and sort of hummed it. Being a percussionist, Graham loves Latin feels, so we got the picture and put a little bit of beachside sway  behind his lyrics.

Dawson, with his uke and his general all 'round South Pacific laid back vibe, was the obvious choice for vocals.

What a team!  All you need is a couple of cocktails, you know those ones with  the parasols sticking out, a deck chair and some sunscreen to join them in their delight of our little piece of Paradiso.

Join the soiree by clicking  HERE  for a listen

Graham Brown                wrote Paradiso and played Percussion
Dawson Graham             sang and played Ukulele
Steve Faggotter               played the Guitar
Mick Nadin                      played the Harp and Melodica
Louise Nadin                   played Bass
Pete played                      played Drums
Neil Porter                       produced the song for us

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Mick originally set his lyrics for Mr Fixit as a story about a handyman.......you know, that friendly guy who comes in to do the odd job about the house. But while he was running the lyrics around his head Chris Ralfs strolled into The Shed and laid down a heavy hittin' bass line........... no particular context, just Ralfin' around. Chris does that.

Mick loved Chris's riff, and figured he might put two and two together. Suddenly the mild mannered tradey became a rather nasty, not to be crossed, ugly piece of work ...........a handy man with a gun !  A man with a serious nature.   Proud of his workmanship........ indeed !

A song about a dude like that has to pump, no doubt about that ay, so we dialled up  some gritty settings and off we went.

We recorded the basic track, added a bit of this and a layer of that. Neil took it home for a twiddle, and THIS is what came out.

Of course we of The Shed have no issues with the good folk of Frankston........... love 'em...............but we do have a cautionary warning...... ............'if you happen to be hanging out down Frankston way and you come across a nasty looking codger knocking back Whisky Sours, just nod politely and quickly move on...........nothing to see here thank you !!

Mick Nadin wrote and sang the lyrics
Chris Ralfs came up with the bass riff but he wasn't there when we turned on the recorder, so
Louise Nadin played the bass
Manny Aigner played the guitar (s)
Graham Brown shook the tambourine
Pete played the drums
Neil produced the track