All the people who have performed on a PBGB CD, a song on the PBGB Juke Box, a song in the PBGB Vault, or shot a PBGB Video, have been welcomed, with open arms, to the PBGB Family. 

All the PBGB Family members are listed below. Their names appear in the approximate order that they contributed to a PBGB recording or video.

Somewhere on the PBGB Blog, be it in the Juke Box or in the PBGB Vault, or in our collection of videos, you'll find a tune or a video that features each PBGB Family Member.

"It all started with the release of our first cd, “From Humble Beginnings” way back in 2006....................

Peter Reid
David Noye
Warren Seeto
Tinsley Waterhouse
Peter Griffin
Jack Griffin
Bill Cairncross
Kevin Abbey
Colin Enright
Max Murray
Matt Gallagher
Neil Porter
Gus Washbourne
Peter Brunt
Heather McLeod
Jack Biilmann
Tristan McCall
John Hawkes
Max Just
Gary Renton
Ken Vatcher
Chris Ralfs
Alf Solti
Mark Bolsius
Brian Kille
Lyndon Lewis
Sasha Dee
Kevin Breeze
Mark Reid
Jenny Halper
Pol O’Shea
Garry Carson Jones
Dave Crowden
Dave Hannagan
Jem Savage
Raymond Toms
Bill Brown
Rosario De Marco
Mandy Siegel
Stacey Mills
Steve Clark
Brett Ralph
Matt Burrows
Bill Legge 
Miles Murray
Maceo Wood
Michael Fendel
Artie Westwood
Adrian Lewis
Phoebe Mills
Trish Mills
Andy O'Donnell
Sam Crowden
Lochie Marson
John Drews
Rob Smallwood
Mick Nadin
Louise Nadin
Dawson Graham
Steve Faggotter
Steve England
Tam Huu Nguyen
Graham Brown
Kerry Hynes
Tony Green

Colleen Spillane
Chris Komorowski
Alice Wiebe
Jock Logus
Yarni Logus
Manny Aigner
Nathan Lygon
Frankie J Holden
Mick Potter
Al Noble

We are humbled that all of these great people have come along to The Shed and recorded  music with us.

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