Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mandy rips on Neil's "Out Here And Stranded"

In the short time that Mandy has been a regular PBGB Shedder, we have, to our great pleasure, recorded four songs with her. We are delighted with them all.

God Bless The Child, and At Last have been featured on the PBGB Blog since February.

Now we are very proud to present a third song featuring Mandy. This one is a song written by Neil, titled  ‘Out Here And Stranded’.

Out Here and Stranded is about band-life and running out of time.

Mandy really nails the vocals.  Her voice suits Neil’s R and B tinged song so well.  Just right.  Just so.

The players are Kevin Breeze on bass, Pete on drums, Raymond Thoms on keyboards and Neil on guitar and backing vocals. Neil also did all the production work.  It was recorded "live" in The Shed.

Great work team!

Watch this space for another song featuring Mandy......... coming your way real soon !

Loving your company thanks Mandy!