Thursday, 26 April 2012

We’ve Got A Dance Song

Click on ‘Got A Dance Song’ in the PBGB Juke Box to have a listen to our latest posting.

We were talking some time back about the sort of material we have at our disposal, and there seemed to be a consensus that we were a bit light on straight up dance songs.

So Pete set about writing one.

Based on a Rockabilly drum feel, the song means to represent what goes on in hundreds of Aussie pubs late on a Saturday night when the band is blazing, the punters have had a drink or ten, and the end of the final set is nigh. In other words, classic booze fuelled Aussie Pub Rock !

Pretty straight forward really.

Pete sings and plays drums
Garry Carson Jones plays the manic guitar and the harp
Kevin Breeze plays the pumping bass.

Neil did all the recording and production work.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Garry Carson Jones - HUUUUUGE Shed Day

Garry booked a day of recording in The Shed and enlisted fellow PBGB Family Members Dave Crowden (on bass)  and Ken Vatcher (on drums) as support.

Here's Pete's summary of how it went:


Thank you everybody, a great day.

Garry, for grasping the concept and potential of The Shed, and recording some great songs with fellow PBGB Family Members.  

Dave, thanks for being a great sport.  You know what I like about your bass playing Dave?  EVERYTHING!!!!!

Neil, great work on the desk.  Thanks for being in it and making it so easy (for the rest of us).  I was very pleased to hear you say you had learned some stuff this arvo.  As always I deeply appreciate your contributions to PBGB Neil.

Ken – what can I say?  You have introduced us to some of the very best musos around these here parts, and they are all fantastic people. We are very pleased they have become friends of PBGB."

Addendum: Pete played drums on one song, and his enthusiasm and openness (as usual) went a long way to making the day a great success.  Great selection in the beer fridge Pete!

Watch this space for postings of the four songs - coming soon.

Garry in hard rock mode 

Ken at the "Big Gretsch Kit"!
Solid as a rock - Dave on Precision.
Possibly the smallest recording rig in town, but big sounds!  Neil at the desk

Friday, 6 April 2012

World Music by Fran Dagostino

Fran Dagostino is a Boston (US) based blues guitarist who has recently released a new CD "World Music" featuring songs which he's recorded with people from all over the world ..... including Pambula Beach! 

Two of Neil's songs made the cut on Fran's CD - "Wrong Way Home" and "Blown Away".

"World  Music" can be purchased HERE.

Cathy back in the Shed

History was made yesterday in The Shed - our first sesh (ever) without Pete present.  Despite the lack of someone organised and on-task, PBGBers present enjoyed a "different" Shed day.  To make up for Pete being away in Melbourne, Melbourne girl Cathy Middleton (no not THAT Cathy Middleton) dropped into the Shed for a play.  Along with Chris and Raymond and Neil, and some serious keyboard technology, some very pleasing sounds were made.

Above: Cathy trying out Chris' fretless Warwick.

Left: Raymond on Pete's kit while Chris starts to think "maybe I should read the manual for this!".