Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Sometimes things just pop up and end with a really good outcome.  This song is the result of one such situation.

PBGB occasionally gets the opportunity to work with young local musicians who are just starting out on their musical journey - Jack Biilmann, Matt Burroughs, Lockie Marson to name a few.  We do this to help them by giving them a first recording experience and maybe a few mp3s of their songs.

Alice Wiebe's name came up in the local bakery, owned by Alice's parents, and after a brief discussion and a recommendation from Graham Wykes at Sapphire FM, we agreed to give Alice an hour in The Shed to put down a song or two.

We had no expectations as far as what we might be able to record or how long it might take.

Alice came in, sat down and knocked over three songs, one of which was this original "Winter Clothes", which, like all three songs, was recorded on the first take!  Alice played guitar.  On this song, virtually no engineering was required. 

It was a real pleasure recording this and meeting Alice, who at only 16, seems to have an interesting musical journey ahead of her.

We hope to be able to do more recording with Alice in the future.

Produced by Neil Porter at the PBGB Shed in Pambula Beach, NSW, Australia

Listen HERE.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Neil's been scratching around in the PBGB archives again. 

Just as he did recently with 'Wood You Like Chips With That' and 'Under The Southern Cross', Neil has unearthed a song that was recorded way back when but never seemed to make it onto the PBGB Blog. 

Not sure quite when Cold Black Heart was recorded (it was mid 2014 - Editor), but Neil has dusted it off,and given it a bit of a spruce up. 

Have a listen HERE.

Neil wrote it, sang it, and played the guitar, bass and keyboards. 

Pete played the drums. 

The lyrics tell the story. 

Enjoy !!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Just a cuppla days ago we had a rather unusual combo of people in The Shed. Sometimes the same players just don't get together for what seems ages.  

Anyway, Dawson gazed around the room, noticed Brother John Drews had his 'keyboard with the lot' on board, and figured we might just have a great line-up for his song The Ute Broke Down.

We'd been kicking The Ute around for a while, trying different feels and sounds, and sort of saw it as a fun thing that shouldn't be taken too seriously. But John had never played it, and Neil hadn't played it for yonks.

Anyway, we jumped in, belted up, and pressed the starter button. John hit the honky tonk toggle, and away we went.

Neil took it home and sent out a straight off the desk, no fidgets version just to see what we thought.

Well sometimes the first takes are the best. Seems there is just adrenaline and anxiety that creates tension when a group of people try out a song for the first time................not knowing quite what to do..........hanging on for dear life.................making it up as you go.

We thought this was just such a moment and decided to post it exactly as it came off the desk.................quick mix.............done.

Sounds like THIS   

The story is..............well the ute broke down pretty much says it all !

Hope ya like it !

Dawson wrote it, sang it, and twanged the Resonator
Neil (Bass ) and Pete ( Drums )  laid down a Pambula Beach New Orleansy bed.
John honky tonked the Piano

Lemme tell ya............THAT was fun !!!