Friday, 31 December 2010

NYE at Ford Oval

Thanks to John McVeity and crew for the great sound out front.

Brian, Chris, Neil, Ken, Heather, Gus and Pete rockin' out!

Same song, different camera.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Merry Xmas from PBGB!

It takes a while to start, but we think it's worth the wait!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

“Pete does Henry’s Surf Safari Show”

Pete will be appearing on Henry Jones’ Surf Safari’ show on 2SEA FM 104.7 at 2pm on Saturday December 4. Tune in for some surf goss and some out of the archive PBGB songs.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Not so long ago we got an email from a fellow who had listened to the ABC Bega interview with Neil and Pete back in May 2010. Brian was very interested in what goes on in The Shed and tracked us down after having moved to Merimbula from Canberra.

We interrogated Brian at length, and under the pressure of water boarding ( we invented it, not the CIA ) he admitted that :

- He started music as a drummer and bugler in the high school army cadet band and graduated to drum major!

- He later realised that his true love was sax

- While in Canberra, he played with groups of friends including at The National Folk Festival, and with Sterling Primmer’s band as well as the Cajun group Allez Gator.

- He has done lots of teaching music to school kids

- He is interested in exploring harmonic structures, writing songs, playing harp and guitar, and singing.

Well............we invited Brian over for a blow.

Would you believe that on his very first visit we hit the recorder and came up with the version of Neil’s Things Must Change that you can hear by clicking HERE

Neat !!

By featuring on a PBGB recording that we like, Brian has automatically qualified as a bona fide PBGB Family Member !

Welcome Brian.

Come see Brian blow his horn with us at Ford Park, Merimbula on New Year’s Eve.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

New PA

If you were at the Wharf gig you'll know how good the PA sounded - good news is we have now bought it and will be using it at gigs from now on. Thanks to Frans!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

New song download available

A new PBGB friend dropped in yesterday for a sesh and hopefully three recordings will be posted as a result.
Brian Kille (sax) joined Ken Vatcher (drums), Pete (backing vocals), Chris (bass), Gus (guitar) and Neil (guitar/vocals) for three songs. Here's the first one.

Monday, 8 November 2010

What now for PBGB?

We're going back into The Shed for some recording, working on some new material and looking at the gig department.

Setting up The Shed more like a studio tomorrow (9/11/2010) and starting work on Thursday (11/11/2010).

Exciting times!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

PBGB 2010 Big Bash a resounding Success !

Gus the guitar god ;)

PBGB’s annual party for family and friends is now behind us.
We sold out the Wharf Restaurant in Merimbula very smartly. The Wharf turned out to be a brilliant venue for the party. The atmosphere really suited the style of party we like to have. The food was first class and there was plenty of it ! thanks to Tony and Sally and all the staff in the kitchen and on the floor.
Sixty plus punters filed in between 7 and 7.30 and dropped straight into catching up with old friends, a few drinks and canapés. Yum !
PBGB played three sets throughout the night, very well supported by the fabulous playing and singing of Col and Heather. It is a wonderful thing to have good friends join us on stage to belt out a few numbers, and it really does add variety and interest to the show. Big, big thanks to Heather and Col for all the effort (and travel) they put in.
Punters turned up from far afield – Sydney, Kiama, Canberra and more.
PBGB has made the serious leap from covers band to performing original material, and the party gave us a good chance to show off our own material. At least 90% of the songs we played were our own, and the response from the punters was very gratifying. Our "try before you buy" PA sounded great according to those who gave an opinion, and once we figure out how, we'll be investing in it - so we should have our first permanent PA soon.
A fun night, a good time had by everybody – all in all a really gratifying result, and one which gives us optimism to keep on keeping on.
Not sure what the 2011 Bash will look like at this stage, but keep your eye on the blog from time to time and we will let you know as plans unfold.
Hope to see ya then if not before !

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Yep, something for nothing for PBGB friends!

Pete and I had a big philosophical talk today about making music and decided that selling CDs wasn't really where we're at.

So, everyone is welcome to a free download of our "Transitions" CD - including graphic files that will let you print the insert and the diskface.

That's a FREE download.It may only be available for a limited time (like until Gus and Chris find out), so go get it. Just look for the "Free Download" link. No tricks - just something for nothing (no chicks for free though!).

If you want to buy the real thing in a case, it will cost you $12.99 Australian dollars plus postage. But NO OBLIGATION!

Have fun,Neil

Monday, 23 August 2010

PBGB's 6th CD is now available!

You can listen to selected tracks on this player (use the arrow next to Boozer Blues to see the rest of the tracks), or go to the BandCamp site (click on the CD cover) to read about the CD and listen to all the songs.

"Transitions" is available for purchase as a CD or as a very high quality digital download. Individual tracks can also be purchased.

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Our very dear mate Dave Hannagan was dragged kicking and screaming into The Shed about a week ago.

Andy O’Donnell, Ken, Neil and Pete had contrived to get a few more examples of Dave’s beautiful singing voice recorded and stored for posterity. To give Dave a lasting reminder of just what a great voice he has.

Click on ‘The Dave Hannagan Project’ on the right hand side of this page to read more about this great afternoon in The Shed, and hear Dave (and Andy) sing a few tunes.

THIS, is what Andy was enjoying so much when we snapped him in The Shed – scroll down to see previous post / photo of Andy.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Breaking news on the BIG BASH 2010!

Two bits of news re the 2010 PBGB BIG BASH:

First, we've moved the venue as a result of some requests by PBGB friends - it's now going to be on at The Wharf Aquarium and Restaurant at Merimbula (in Lake St Merimbula).
Same time and date - 7.30pm on October 16th.

Second (and you don't see this often) we've REDUCED the cost of a ticket to $40 - we're just going to be covering costs, but hey ...... it's a party for our friends!

What you'll get:
• Music by PBGB – and Special Guest Stars (Heather McLeod and Colin Enright )
• Light Finger Food in the Aquarium - well not IN the aquarium ..... you know what I mean!
• Buffet serving of: Roast Beef w. Horseradish and Mustard/ Roast Turkey with Cranberry/ Vegetarian Lasagne/ Variety of Salads/ Jacket Potatoes with sour cream/ Bread Rolls and Butter
• Choice of three desserts: Brandy snaps/ Citrus Flan/ Pavlova with fresh fruit and cream,
• Unlimited tea and Coffee
• A great bunch of people and lots of fun!

How to book?
Contact PBGB at

Ring Peter on 6495 6247

Get some friends together and make up a table.

Love to see you there!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


PBGB has been invited to join the bill for a Forest Fundraiser at Tanja Hall on July 31.

Local musicians including Damon Davies, Arati, Dave Sparks and Dave Crowden will join forces to support actions to protect our native forests.

Food will be available. Admission price is $15. Music starts at 7pm.

Neil and Peter have joined forces to write a song especially for the occasion. It’s called “Wood You Like chips With That ?“. The message is obvious and it has a rousing sing along chorus. Listen to an ‘in-progress’ version by clicking on "Wood You Like chips With That?“ in the player on the right hand side of this page.

Do your bit to protect our forests and fauna – rug up and join in ! See you there !

New PBGB T-shirts, etc available

We've just set up our online store with long and short sleeved t-shirts, caps and tote bags. All original PBGB designs. Purchase online - quality gear at reasonable prices (in US$).


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Graham and Grunden Up-Date

Graham and Grunden Up-Date

Peter and Ken travelled to Mallacoota July 3 to join in the selection of prize winners for the Graham and Grunden music scholarships.

Four winners were selected, but they can’t be named as yet. Announcements will be made at a family music night at the Mallacoota Mudbrick Pavilion on July 10 (NAIDOC Week ).

As in all such exercises, the judging was tough – who could deny little kids proudly doing their best ?

But a great experience – soul food !

PBGB salutes the members of the Mallacoota Community who have made this event such a huge, inclusive community event.

Thursday, 1 July 2010



Following on from PBGB’s donation to the Mallacoota based Graham and Grunden Music Scholarship for young Musicians, an amazing piece of serendipity has unfolded – and the story goes like this :


April 2010 :

PBGB donates to the Graham and Grunden Scholarship for Young Musicians.

Auntie Jean Nickels ( Scholarship Secretary ) writes to thank PBGB.

May 2010 :

Ken Vatcher, very well respected drummer, moves from Mallacoota to Pambula Beach. PBGB knows nothing of Ken’s involvement in the Scholarship, but get in touch with Ken to see if he is interested to join in PBGB goings-on.

June 2010 :

Ken pops into THE SHED and records a version of Gus’s ‘Boozer Blues’, thus becoming a member of the PBGB Family. Still PBGB doesn’t know about Ken’s involvement with the Scholarship.

Auntie Jean rings Peter to ask if he would be prepared to join judging panel for the Scholarship. Auntie Jean tells Peter the other panellists include Ken Vatcher !

So Peter and Ken and Peter will travel to Mallacoota on July 3 to assess applicants and rank the finalists.

Serendipity indeed !

By way of background on the Graham and Grunden Scholarships :

The aim is to give encouragement to
young musicians aged from eight to
20 years from Mallacoota, Cann River
and Noorinbee areas. The scholarship
was established by the Mallacoota
District Reconciliation Group and the
Mallacoota Strum Club and is named
for two local professional musicians.
Merv Graham is a Kukuimi ji man
who has been supported by some
Mallacoota people in his quest to find
the family he was taken from at birth.
John Grunden has been the inspiration
for 12 years of family enjoyment and
music-making through the Strum Club.
Both Graham and Grunden are committed
to encouraging the next generation
of young musicians in their
region “to express greater acceptance
of each other, and through musical
expression move towards a nation that
engages in mutual respect”.

The scholarship presentations will
be made by Merv Graham and John
Grunden at a concert on 10 July in
Mallacoota Mudbrick Pavilion during
NAIDOC week. There will be performances
by some of the young
applicants backed up by Merv
Graham-Warner’s ‘Are We There Yet?

Donations to the scholarship, and further information can be sought by contacting

The Graham and Grunden
Music Scholarship, c/- Jean Nickels,
Secretary, PO Box 414, Mallacoota
3892, telephone 5158 0367.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Surf Club Gig


The generous spirit of the Pambula community was amply demonstrated at our gig at the Pambula Surf Life Saving Club on June 25.

We played two sets of our original material to a very responsive audience, and between a few fund raising activities collected $555 for the NSW Aboriginal Education Council.

As agreed with the AEC the money raised will flow directly to support indigenous kids in public schools in our region.

PBGB was overwhelmed by the support of many people and organisations in making the evening such a success.

Heartfelt thanks go to :

Pambula Surf Life Saving Club Volunteer Officials

Pambula ‘Little Bottler’ Liquor Store (Owners Glen Baker and family)

Merimbula News Weekly

ABC South East New South Wales Radio

SEA 104.7 fm South East Access Radio

Jason Holley from J&K Entertainment

And of course all the punters who came out on a bleak Winter’s night and gave so generously to the cause !

The gig was the first time Chris has played with us at a public appearance, and he did a fantastic job getting across material new to him. Chris slotted straight in on the bass and drove the bottom end extremely well. Well done Chris !

The PBGB Family was well represented. In addition to the four key players (Gus, Chris, Neil and Peter), Heather stepped up to perform beautiful renditions of two songs (Nobody Knows You and Wade In The Water). And we had Ken Vatcher (the newest PBGB Family member) and his wife Susie in the audience. Ken has just recently started to pop into the shed, and has in fact already recorded a version of Gus’s ‘Boozer Blues’ which will likely appear on the soon to be released PBGB 6. Ken is a brilliant drummer with a great reputation and we hope to see and hear far more of Ken, who has recently moved to Pambula Beach from Mallacoota – Welcome Ken and Susie !

We also had a very pleasant surprise – Col and Jane Enright travelled down from Rosedale for the gig, unannounced. A real treat ! Although Col didn’t play on the night, he did conduct the auction of the case of wine kindly donated by the Pambula Little Bottler. The auction raised $230 !!! Well done Col ! Thanks for coming.

All in all a top night, and the first time PBGB has done an ‘all original material’ gig, (Heather’s songs notwithstanding) so we were very pleased with ourselves.

Huge thanks to the Pambula Community

For those who have to know this stuff, Gus is using an Indie guitar (he also used a Squire "Telecaster" for slide) through a Behringer 100W amp, Chris used a Warwick fretless bass and a Warwick fretted bass through a MarkBass 400W amp (yes, that tiny thing pumps out a cool 400 Watts!), Peter is using his Roland v-drums through a Hartke 200W bass rig and Neil uses a Fender Telecaster (plus that 1960s Kawai surf guitar) through a VOX VT30 amp into a 100W Doobie bass amp.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Neil's CD - "Signs Of Life" released

Finally! Worth a listen PBGBers!

"Signs Of Life" is a (kind of) solo album from Neil, with cameo appearances from some great musicians in the US and Norway, as well as Oz. Unfortunately no other PBGBers here, but there will be on the next Neil Porter CD - that's for sure! Click on the cover to go to the album page, where you can listen, read about the tracks, read the lyrics and, if the urge takes you, purchase a copy :)

<a href="">Amsterdam by Neil Porter</a>

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Pambula Surf Club Gig - June 25th


Following on from the very successful 2009 PBGB concert at the Pambula Surf Life Saving Club, PBGB has been invited back for a return show in 2010.

The date has been agreed with club officials – Friday evening, June 25.

PBGB happily performs at the PSLSC for free. We appreciate what a great job the Club does for the local community, and what the Australian Surf Lifesaving movement in general stands for, and we are pleased to be given opportunities to contribute. Proceeds from drink sales on our concert nights go directly to Club coffers, and this year we will also be attempting to raise funds for the NSW Aboriginal Education Council.

You can learn about what this great organisation does for Indigenous kids at

So if you can make it to the show, please bring along a few extra dollars to drop into the collection bucket.

If you can’t make it on the night, perhaps you might like to make a donation anyway. You can do so directly via the website.

Hope to see you there !

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A good cause!

Recently, PBGB made a donation to the Graham and Grunden Music Scholarship Committee.

The Committee is co-ordinating professional development scholarships for young ( ages 8 to 20 ) Indigenous musicians in the Mallacoota region.

Awards will be presented during NAIDOC week, in July.

Donations are tax deductible.

Friends of PBGB may be interested to make a donation.

You can do so by mailing a cheque to

The Graham and Grunden Music Scholarship Committee

PO Box 414

Mallacoota Victoria 3892

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The PBGB Blog goes public.

Thanks for coming and having a look at our blog. Well, like most things with PBGB it's a little more complicated than that - it's more of a website than a blog, although the main page will be regularly updated..

Use the headings across the top of the page to navigate around - read the history of PBGB; the story of "The Shed" in local folklore; see pics of the band; read our original song lyrics; play a few songs on the player on the right of each page; visit the shop to buy a T-shirt or soon, a CD; there's even a video to watch.

No expense has been spared to provide a multi-media PBGB experience :)

One last thing - we will be doing a few gigs this year, so why not join our mailing list (you can do it in the right hand column) so we can let you know where and when. "Friends of PBGB" will always get preferential tickets.

Now, have a wander around - leave a comment if you like.

Have fun!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Interview ABC Canberra 666 Radio

Pete and Heather visited Canberra ABC's studio on Saturday to appear on Greg Bayliss' "Garage Idle" - Neil got in a phone hook-up to talk about his "jiguma" project as well. You can listen to a recording of the relevent bits of the show here:

PBGB on Canberra ABC at MacJams

Just click on the link then use the player under the PBGB logo to listen. While you're doing so, you can check out the comments of other MacJammers.