Thursday, 29 September 2011

PBGB Blog Revamp

You’ll notice a new look PBGB Blog.

The new photo of ‘da boyz’ better represents those who  are currently making regular contributions to PBGB.

Who are they ?  Well from Left to Right, we have all the usual suspects.........Lyndon Lewis, Ken Vatcher, Chris Ralfs, Neil Porter, Peter Reid, Kevin Breeze, and Gus Washbourne.

The Backdrop shot is of the Pambula Rivermouth.  Home sweet home !!!

Why the changes to the PBGB Blog ?

Neil has managed  the PBGB Blog, and most every other technical aspect of all things PBGB ever since he joined us nearly three years ago. We are sharing  the work a little more evenly.

So now Pete’s son Mark is going to maintain the Blog for us.

Mark is a new media whiz. Mark shot and put together the fabulous Tell Me Honey video you can play on right of screen.

See more of Mark’s work here.

Welcome aboard Mark !

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Kevin on Bass

In mid 2011 it became clear that Chris was suffering what would likely be mid to long term 'issues' with his wrists, and those issues really required that Chris take it easy on the bass. Fortuitously we saw an ad in the local paper by a bass player who was looking to play some music.

This led to our recruiting of Kevin Breeze as a bass player. Kevin plays really solid bass, and fits into The Shed very nicely indeed.

As of early September, Kev is still enjoying The Shed very much, and having recorded The Sasha Project with us ( listen to Lifeline for an example of Kev's bass skills ) is now a fully fledged member of the PBGB Family. Welcome Kev !

Chris is still with us of course - just resting the wrists at the moment.