Monday, 25 May 2015


We have had the pleasure of the company of Merimbula locals Louise and Mick Nadin in The Shed over the past few weeks. 
Mick likes to saunter up to the microphone and sing a song every now and then, and also likes to blow his harp. 
Louise very much enjoys playing her guitar and getting into the swing of things. 
Well, Louise and Mick started to drop in on the odd Sesh, and within a couple of weeks they were well and truly grooving along. 
Wasn’t long at all before they began featuring on the songs we were fooling about with. Next thing, Mick comes along with a set of lyrics he had put together to the tune of the old Stones’ song ‘Spider and the Fly’. 
Well we played around with it a bit, got into the groove, and turned on the recorder. We were pretty pleased with the result, so we beefed it up a bit, then stirred in a bit of grunge at the desk - it's for all intents and purposes a slightly tarted up single take live recording. Neil did a bit of his voodoo on the mixer, and THIS is what popped out. 
This version features Mick on Vocals and Harp, and Louise on Guitar. Rob Smallwood plays the Lead Guitar lines, Neil Porter plays Bass, and Pete bangs the Drums. Neil twiddled the knobs. 
So, with a reverential tip of the hat to Mick and Keef, PBGB has a new number to add to our canon. And we have two new PBGB Family members. 
A very warm welcome to Louise and Mick !!! We thoroughly enjoy your company and look forward to many more happy afternoons in The Shed with you.

Monday, 18 May 2015


Had a Sesh recently at which Neil, Pete and Rob found themselves messing about as a trio. 
Rob, Neil and Pete with Jenny Halper at the Cheeky Mango.
We had been fooling around with an instrumental thing Rob had been cooking up, checking out how well we might be able to present it as a three piece. 
We had jammed on it a few times and were considering whether we should add lyrics, add other instruments, add a little gumbo one way or another. 
But then we decided, well, hell, we could have a shot at making it sound as good as we could with just the three of us. We could add lyrics, vocals, keyboards, flugelhorns, bagpipes on another yet to be constructed version, but HERE to check out how it sounds right now. 
We did the whole thing in one afternoon................played it through a couple of times, then sat around the desk and with Neil manning the controls we all threw our two bob’s worth into the mix. 
So yea, half baked, devoid of any added condiments, laid down on ya plate.............come and get it ! Rob played guitar. Neil played bass Pete played the drums. 
Half Ling !