Saturday, 20 July 2013

Stacey Mills With The Steve Clark Trio – Stunning !

We are absolutely delighted to present a PBGB Project that features the awe inspiring talents of Stacey Mills and the Steve Clark Trio.

Stacey, Steve, Mark Bolsius and Ken Vatcher got together in The Shed in early July and laid down some songs that are simply brilliant.

We proudly post  two of those songs right here and now  -  Good Night, (Melody Gardot) and Don’t Know Why, (Jesse Harris).

Have a listen and rejoice!

Let us introduce the players;

Stacey Mills is a Bega Valley local with a very keen interest in music. She has found her way onto a number of stages, where her vocal talent and stage presence combine to delight audiences.  Stacey sometimes features as vocalist with the Steve Clark Trio – a top shelf gig.  That speaks volumes about Stacey’s talents.

You can read more about Stacey by clicking here.  

Steve Clark is a master of, amongst other instruments, the upright bass. He runs his own trio, which plays pure jazz.  Extremely well !

Supporting Steve in his trio are PBGB Family Members Mark Bolsius and Ken Vatcher.

You can read more about Steve by clicking here.

Followers of the PBGB Blog will be well aware of Ken and Mark’s talents – they have played on lots of songs recorded in The Shed.

Steve and Ken also work together to provide the gobsmacking rhythm section in the sensational Kade Brown Trio

So here we have two excellent recordings, featuring some of the most talented musicians in the Valley, recorded in The Shed and mixed with great care by our own Neil Porter.

Steve and Stacey  - a very warm welcome to  the PBGB Family ! 

Imagine how delighted we are that musicians of this calibre come to The Shed and play music ??  How good is that ??

Huge thanks to Stacey, Steve, Ken, Mark and Neil.   Hope you enjoyed it too, and that we see you back in The Shed very soon. The door is always open to you !!

We are so confident that Stacey will return to The Shed and sing some more for us, that we have launched a special ‘Stacey Mills Project’ on our blog – see it right of your screen.

Sizzlin ‘

Watch this space for more.

Monday, 8 July 2013

ABC Canberra Radio Dials Up PBGB

Way back in March 2010 we decided to throw our hat in the ring of a segment 666 Canberra ABC radio were plugging called ‘Garage Idle’.  The segment was seeking out people making noise in their garages, see what they could do.  Idle ?  Suited us, so in we went.

Presenter Greg Bayliss invited Heather and Pete along to the studio for a natter - Neil joined in on the phone. Tatjana Clancy was producing. They played a song or two we had recorded. Lots of fun.

You can listen to that interview by clicking HERE  

Fast forward to last week, and Tatjana was on the ‘phone asking what we were up to some three years on.

We were very happy to announce that “Yep, PBGB is still happening”.

So........on Monday Tatjana rang back for an interview with Neil and Pete.

Listen in by clicking HERE. Includes Mandy’s recent rendition of Neil’s “Out Here and Stranded”.

Ps           Tatjana’s man Craig handcrafts some very fine stringed instruments. If you’re thinking of rewarding yourself with a special stringed  treat, take a look at Craig’s Facebook page.