Monday, 24 September 2012

Another day in The Shed

Garry discussing a shot with Bill.

Ken at the kit.
How many times did we do this guys?  Bill with Pete raiding the beer fridge.
Jem blasting away.
Neil, Jem, Garry, Ken, Dave and Pete.
The four players - Jem, Garry, Ken and Dave.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Garry Carson Jones – More Shednanigans !

We have launched a third version of Garry’s beautiful ballad ‘I Am’.
The first appearance of I Am on the PBGB Blog came from the July 2011 SuperSesh. You can hear that version, and read the story by clicking HERE.
In May 2012 Garry returned to The Shed with his buddies and fellow PBGB Family members Ken Vatcher and Dave Crowden, and recorded four songs which you can read about and hear by clicking HERE.
We all thought that latter version of I Am was so good that when PBGB Family Member Jem Savage popped into The Shed with his Soprano Sax in mid 2012, we asked Jem if he would be happy to add a couple of layers. Jem, always a good sport, stepped up to the mic. and added some truly haunting sax lines. Ken got excited and added some shakers and congas.
Neil and Ken sat around the production desk in their Producers' hats and came up with  THIS.

Now folks, we reckon this third version of I Am is an absolute cracker. We are very proud of it. 

Credits go to

Garry Carson Jones - Writer, Vocals and Guitar. Superb effort Garry !

Dave Crowden - Bass
Jem Savage - Soprano Sax
Ken Vatcher - Percussion
Peter Reid - Drums.
All the recording and super knob twiddling comes courtesy of Neil Porter. Ken gets a guernsey as Co-Producer for sitting with Neil to hammer out the delicate nuances of the final mix.
We reckon this ranks among the best products ever to emerge from The Shed. We hope you agree.
Congratulations to all involved.

Super stuff !  Long live The Shed.

South Coast Dreamtime - Pete’s still dreaming about waves !

We all know Pete lives for his music, his surfing, and his family and friends. Seems he is forever writing songs about drifting up and down the far South Coast of New South Wales in search of another beautiful wave. Pete has a number of surf buddies who share his love for the coast and those euphoric moments where sun, surf and a beautiful landscape all come together. South Coast Dreamtime goes out to those guys and everybody else who calls South Coast surf spots home. And yes, you can see from the photo that Pete does it on his knees. 

Pete wrote the song ( well the reality in The Shed is often, as it is here, that ideas flow, and in this case Gus and Neil threw plenty of great ideas into the pot ) sings it, and plays the drums. He is supported by Neil on Bass and Guitar, and Gus on Guitar. Neil did all the Production work. And Pete is delighted that Jem Savage was kind enough to chip in the skanky guitar work as well as those beautifully harmonised soprano sax lines. Thanks Jem, we are forever honoured that you add your magic to our songs from time to time.
Have a listen to South Coast Dreamtime by clicking HERE or by clicking on the title on the PBGB Juke Box.
Enjoy !