Sunday, 23 April 2017


A few of the Shed regulars did some extracurricular activities last week.  Here are shots of Kerry, Mick and Dawson - don't have one for Steve, who helped out with Jackson Fisher.

PBGBer Kerry at the Taraganda's Got Talent event.

PBGBers Mick and Dawson at the Candelo Festival.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


It's not unusual for a PBGB song to emerge from the barest snippet of an idea.

In the case of When Ya Gunna, the snippet was a groove Pete was fiddling with. The beat became  'Groove in G'. We'd been kicking it around for a cuppla weeks when Brother John Drews dropped in for one of his very welcome visits.

John set hisself up and dropped in on our Groove In G.

Well, as often happens, John's twiddles turned a jam into something worth working with.

We had the recorder on.  Neil decided to take the results home.

Next thing we knew Neil had added some scones and cream to the jam......... lyrics and vocals.

We liked it.

'Groove in G' had morphed into 'When Ya Gunna ?'

Goes like THIS   

Hope y'all dig it !

Pete gave up the groove
John Drews hammered the Hammond
Neil Porter wrote and sang the lyrics, played the bass. Produced it.
Graham Brown hit percussion thingies
Steve Faggotter Telecasted the lead break

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Kerry has been a regular Shedder for going on a year now. Until recently she had sung lead and back-up vocals on four PBGB songs, one of which, 'Sugar', she wrote herself.

Kerry digs The Shed. She loves coming on down and getting stuck into whatever project we have going on. Kerry is also a strong believer in what the Shed stands for, and happily stretches herself in her quest to improve her vocal performances and her song writing skills. Suits us just fine - learning is what The Shed is all about. Besides, Kerry always has a big smile on her dial!

Now, Kerry is very proud to present her second original composition. It's called 'Away'. We kicked it around for a while, then turned on the recorder.

The song is a very personal one for Kerry.  The story behind it, in Kerry's own words, goes like this:

"My father was given away at birth. He was a love child, born out of wedlock in the 1920s. That was a shameful experience back in those days, and my grandmother and her family found it all too overwhelming.  As a result my father and I never knew his parents. The circumstances of Dad's birth were kept a family secret.  His name was Clancy, and, true story, I was raised to believe I was a descendant of “Clancy of the Overflow”. 

Dad did eventually track down his father and front him, but that man denied his parenthood.  Dad also tracked down his mother and met her when he was 28. Mum wanted to stay in touch, but it was too painful for Dad to learn that as a child he had lived in an orphanage not far from where she lived and yet she had never visited.

Despite these difficult beginnings, my father always had a smile on his face and an indomitable spirit.

This song has been cathartic for me in coming to terms with abandonment."

Thanks for sharing this very personal song with us Kerry.  Listen to how Kerry expresses her feelings about all this by clicking on AWAY.

Kerry wrote and sang Away
Mick Nadin played the harp
Gus Washbourne played guitar
Neil Porter played bass and organ, and produced the song
Pete played the drums