Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Song for Friends of PBGB

On the right side of the page you will see the song title “Take Me To Heart”. Click on the title to play the song ( headphones highly recommended if you don’t have good computer speakers ), or to download it for free.

After releasing PBGB 6 ‘Transitions’, we had a few chats and agreed that for a while at least we would try to release songs that were less tricked up, rawer, straight out of the recorder as it were. It’s a tough call to release virtually live songs after a period of releases that have had some smoothing out in the studio.

But we have had some great successes. The version of Things Must Change you see in The Shed Giveth box to the right was a cracker, pretty much straight out of The Shed, no tricks.

And now we have this version of Neil’s song ‘Take Me To Heart’. A trio version with Chris on his fretless Warwick bass, Neil on his Telecaster and vocals and Pete on Roland v-drums.

When Neil first started playing with PBGB his clear goal was to build his confidence in singing his songs and in playing guitar – a switch from bass. On this version of Take Me To Heart Neil’s vocals are straight out of the box, no studio enhancements or tricks and he sang it while playing the guitar, which, similarly, is ‘straight’.

So this is a big achievement for Neil, who does, I am sure you will agree, a stellar job on both vocals and guitar. Great work Neil !!

Big kudos for Chris too – that brilliant bass line is as performed

And for me, Pete, a very satisfied feeling about the absolutely live drum track.

Enjoy !!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Gotcha Col !!

Col took most of the shots at The Wharf and so didn’t appear in many. Probably thought he could get away with not being immortalised on the PBGB Blog. But this one was sent in by a fan.