Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Dawson howls at the moon.
Couple of weeks ago we were in The Shed, jamming away on a few songs. As we do. We had a crack at Dawson's 'Things Are Crazy'. It sounded pretty good. So we decided that we would turn on the recorder and see what came back at us.

After playback, Ken reckoned it sounded like a party song and that we should throw in a few extraneous party noises. So we did. Everybody gathered around a mic. and hooted and hollered, banged a bottle or whatever. We enjoyed that !

Tony took the files home and set about producing.

Click on 'Things Are Crazy' to join the party !       

Dawson lives on a mountain top in a very isolated spot, far from the madding crowd. It is rumoured he has been known to sit outside on a full moon night and howl at the moon. Dawson Wolf ?

He figures, and he not alone in such figurings, that the full moon has some pretty strange effects on people. He's interested in said effects, and believes we need to know what those effects are, and be prepared !

Dawson believes that locking the doors and turning down the lights is a good start. After all, things can get a bit crazy up there on the mountain.  Got to look after each other up in them thar parts!   Awoohooo !

Well who are we townies to argue with that ??

Howlin' and partyin' on Things Are Crazy are.................

Dawson Graham - the mountain man hisself - Writer, Lead Vocals and Resonator Guitar
Peter Reid on Drums
Tony Green on Bass and Backing Vocals, and Production duties
Louise Nadin on Rhythm Guitar
Steve Faggotter on Lead Guitar, and
Kerry Hynes on Backing Vocals

Hope ya dig it !!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Following the launch of her song 'Away', back in April 2017, Kerry lost no time in introducing us to another song she had written, this one called Rocking Pool.

We kicked it around The Shed for a while, playing it this way and that, ironing it out, fine tuning etc.

A week ago we had a line up in The Shed that Kerry thought would do the song justice, and without much further ado we decided to give it a run.

So we ran through it a couple of times, then turned on the recorder.

Click HERE to have a listen.

Kerry says...............

" I love words and play. Song writing lets me do both. Rocking Pool came to me as a concept. I woke one morning with an image of a rock pool by the ocean, the feeling of peace we get in nature and the comfortable feeling of being held and rocked by a loved one. A tune and the words Rocking Pool were in my head. The comfort of feeling loved, the sensual pleasure water brings, the freedom and peace that letting go of concerns allow, are what I hope this song conveys........the love and peace that passes all understanding.......that only handing it all over to God enables. I hope you love the gorgeous instrumentation too!  Thanks to the family in The Shed for making it all happen".

Well Kerry, it's our pleasure ma'am.

In The Shed on the day were

Kerry, who wrote it and sang it
Graham Brown, who added percussion
Mick Nadin, who blew the harp
Gus Washbourne, who played the lead guitar
Neil Porter, who played rhythm guitar and later added bass, then did the production work, and
Pete, who played the drums.