Friday, 18 December 2015


A funky RnB tune from me (Neil), written in 2009 and previously recorded by me with Anne Cozean (a very talented singer from the US) 

The song was written with PBGB's bass player at the time in mind, and our regular urging for him to break away from written charts and to "feel the beat".

We've been running through this over a few seshs in The Shed, and decided to try a recording with those present on the day - which turned out to be Steve, Peter, Louise and myself.  We focussed on the rhythm tracks (rhythm guitar, drums, percussion and bass) with the idea of adding vocals later, which turned out to be a good idea, as we caught a pretty tight version.

I took off to add vocals and tidy things up a bit in my home studio, and, as often happens in my home studio, I became obsessive about finishing the production off asap.  So after adding my vocal parts and sitting with no second backing vocal and no guitar solo, I decided to add both.   Dawson's backing vocals were taken from a previous recording I had on file, and I played a double tracked solo (does that make it a "duo"?).

End result was pretty good. 

I've been pretty hard to please on versions of my songs by PBGB, but I can say honestly that I am very happy with the PBGB version of "Feel The Beat".  It's very different from the original, but the playing and recording standards are among the highest raw materials from the Shed that I've worked with.

So, have a listen HERE - I/we hope you like it.

Steve Faggotter - guitar
Louise Nadin - shakers
Peter Reid - drums
Dawson Graham - backing vocal (via the wonders of digital recording!)
Neil Porter - writer, bass, vocal, guitar solo/duo, production

Thursday, 17 December 2015


We’ve been fans of Henry Jones for ages. As best as we can remember, Henry was the first local DJ to feature PBGB songs on a radio program. We think it was 2008 when we went in to the studio with a clutch of our songs and talked about music and surf on Henry’s ‘Surf Safari’ show. 
Henry’s been running his show on Eden’s 2SEA 104.7 fm station for years. The show airs from 1 until 3 every Saturday. Henry mixes the music up but it’s basically rock and roll from the 60s on. He hosts great discussions about what’s going on in the world of surfing, but the music tends to take priority. Listen in ! 
Anyway, we’ve always known Henry to be a keen surfer. We often see him cruising around with his boards on top, in the car parks, and out in the line ups. We also know he has won a good number of contests over the years. 
But recently we heard he had won an International Event in California ! WOW ! Turns out what Henry had won his Division ( over 70s – Go the Grey Grommets ) in The Malibu Classic, and that folks, is no tin pot event - it features top surfers from all over the world. 
This overview comes from the MSA Classic website.................. 
“The Malibu Surfing Association’s Classic Invitational is the United States' most prestigious club-level surfing contest and premier event in the Coalition of Surfing Clubs annual series. The 2015 Invitational Contest was held at Surfrider Beach, Malibu from September 11-13, 2015. More than 260 invited athletes representing surfing clubs from around the world competed at First Point, Malibu, one of surfing’s legendary waves." 
We were stoked for Henry, so we congratulated him and asked him to shoot us over some details and a picture. He did, and here, in his own words, is what he said.................... 
“Thanks guys, or should I say “Buddies” in a phoney American accent ?, for featuring my recent win on the PBGB Website. 
So here I am…. (with my only connection to music being a lowly DJ)…. Being asked to blow me own trumpet. Ooompa Ooompa…. oompsadazy…. (that sounds more like me bleedin’ trombone….) But, of course I can’t resist this invitation to feature on the PBGB Blog. Thanks again buddies !! 
I scored an invite into the 2015 running of the world famous Malibu Surfing Association Classic contest on the basis of my wins in some important Ozzie contests. California here I come…. Well, here WE come…. (I couldn’t find my way to the nearest corner shop without Trish). 
The surf was simply fantastic, the fun factor was really bubbling... and when I paddled out, I knew I was only ever gonna get just one brief shot at a win, at iconic Malibu. I actually had to pinch myself when I realized I was getting all the best waves, and everything appeared like it was simply falling into my lap. Yes, totally surreal … surfing perfect Malibu point WITH ONLY SIX GUYS IN THE WATER !! I reckoned I’d been practising for that moment for over sixty years…. (ever since I first pulled on a pair of tiny red budgies)…. and when they announced that I’d won, I felt I’d magically pulled my big white rabbit out of their smooth black silken hat. 
We had parked our motor home in Micky Dora’s favourite spot, so maybe some of his famous “charisma" had rubbed off…. (who ever fully understands the mystical voodoo related to one’s very good luck)? So I’m currently the Men’s Senior Legend !!! 
When they handed me the trophy I was absolutely stoked (as you could imagine) and someone yelled out “hold it up”. So I did. Trish snapped me looking a little silly I reckon (because winners are SUPPOSED to be grinners). But I guess I was just contemplating… "Jebus…. is this a REAL moment - or am I just dreaming it” ? 
Luckily again, on my last night I went to this amazing rock-concert in Del Mar (down near San Diego). It was huge, and the head-lining band was The Killers. Well, I knew every word to every song... so I flew out of LA the next night with the my spirits floating on cloud nine… (are we human, or are we dancers?) I had definitely found my winning grin…. and yes, I’m still proudly wearing it !” 
So there it is folks – local Community Radio Station DJ and keen surfer Henry Jones puts Pambula on the International Surfing Map ! Well done Henry !!

Friday, 27 November 2015


'Drag Queen' from THE VAULT by PBGB from David Kelly on Vimeo.


Here comes Dawson again! 
Dawson wrote Coloured Lights in response to that vivid memory most of us have of the first time we wandered around King’s Cross on a Saturday night. Bright lights, characters, clubs, shady deals, crammed footpaths, smells, flashing blue lights, sirens. Sex and drugs and rock and roll baby! 
A clutch of very hip New Zealand blues and soul singers made their way across the ditch to the big smoke of Sydney in the 60s and 70s. Many of them drawn and catering to, the money being spent by American servicemen on r and r leave from Vietnam. Max Merritt, Mark Williams and Ricky May for starters. Oh, and Dawson Graham. 
A true troubadour, Dawson moulded his early memories of the Cross into a song. And HERE it is ! Coloured Lights. 
This version of Coloured Lights is very much live from The Shed. What you hear is a raw representation of what went down in The Shed in late November 2015. 
Who did what ? 
Dawson Graham Writer, Vocals 
Steve Faggotter Electric Guitar 
Mick Nadin Harp 
Louise Nadin Acoustic Guitar 
Neil Porter Bass, Production  
Peter Reid Drums 
Coloured Lights is the second of Dawson’s original songs we have posted on the PBGB Blog. Dawson has a swag of original tunes up his sleeve, so watch this space for more

Monday, 16 November 2015


Couple of months ago Neil said he had a mate, a guitarist, who might just be interested in checking out The Shed. "Steve ...... he’s a good player”. “Invite him along” 
In came Steve. He liked what he heard, he liked what he saw. We liked him, we liked what he played. He’s turned up to virtually every Sesh since ! That’s fine by us - Steve makes the sort of noises we like. You might too. Check Steve’s lead licks on THIS .
That is a song Dawson wrote called Drag Queen. Listen up and you’ll click it’s about a drag racing car. Nothing to do with transvestites. The song is a tribute to Sandy Rose, a member of Dawson’s family, who died of cancer earlier this year. Rose’s husband Jerry drag races a Fiat Topolino in Dawson’s home country – New Zealand. The Fiat is called Little Mouse. 
That version of Drag Queen is an off the desk live blast from The Shed. It features what has been a relatively stable line-up of late.  
The recording was cut about the third time ‘we’ played the song. ‘We’ ? 
Dawson Graham Writer, Vocals, Resonator Guitar 
Steve Faggotter Lead Guitar 
Louise Nadin Rhythm Guitar 
Mick Nadin Harp 
Neil Porter Bass, Recording and Production 
Peter Reid Drums 
Nice one team ! Welcome to the PBGB Family Steve. More noises like that please. You can read more about Steve by clicking HERE

Saturday, 17 October 2015


Our association with Matt started a couple of years ago when we spotted Matt playing with GUITARAMA  at Lynne and Andy O’Donnell’s Cheeky Mango Cafe. 
We were impressed with Matt’s playing and before long Matt was in The Shed where he recorded ISOLATION and RITUAL with the help of PBGB Family Members Dave Crowden and Ken Vatcher on bass and drums respectively. Dave is the creator / guru of Guitarama and a former music teacher of Matt’s. Ken is, well Ken is almost everywhere when it comes to music in the Bega Valley. 
Fast forward a couple of years, and Matt got back in touch. He had composed five new songs and was wondering if Neil might be kind enough to record and produce them for him. Neil was in fact kind enough, so The Matt Burrows Project got underway. You can listen to all five of Matt’s new songs – Canaan, Moonlight Over Mundaka, Petrichor, Scarlett and Somnium – by clicking HERE
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Matt wrote all five songs, and played all the guitar parts. It is a completely solo effort apart from Neil’s production work, and Pete’s drums on Somnium. PBGB is proud to help promote the work of young musicians, in particular those who write their own music. Matt fits this bill perfectly. 
We are super impressed with Matt’s composing and playing skills, and look forward to working with Matt again. Beautiful songs played superbly Matt. Come back to The Shed anytime sir !

Monday, 5 October 2015


Not so long ago, Mick and Louise brought a friend (Dawson) along to The Shed. They reckoned  Dawson would fit The Shed vibe pretty well. They said that he liked music with a gospel tinge, or laced with a bluesy feel. Not only that, said they, Dawson can sing and play guitar at the same time!!

Sounded good to us.

So in came Dawson. He toted a Resonator and a clutch of original songs.

It quickly became apparent that Dawson has a powerful, soul filled voice, and can wring some very tasty sounds out of  his guitar. And, for that matter, his uke.

It is sort of normal (if anything in the Shed might be described as ‘normal’ ) that we ask newbies whether they have a song they feel very confident playing and or singing.

When we asked Dawson, he launched into a solo rendition of Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

It sounded pretty special, so we made a mental note to consider recording it as a solo effort.
And so it came to pass that as soon as Neil came back from swanning all over Europe we decided we’d ask Dawson to front the microphones and put down a version of Swing Low.

And THIS is what happened.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot is believed to have been written by Wallis Willis, a Choctaw freedman, around 1860. A Choctaw freedman is a freed slave who has joined the Choctaw tribe of native Americans.

The first known recording of Swing Low was made in 1909. It has since been covered by zillions of people, including Eric Clapton. No pressure there Dawson!  It was also performed by Joan Baez at the seminal Woodstock. Festival in 1969.  Perhaps strangest of all, Swing Low Sweet Chariot is the anthem of the English Rugby Union Team. Huh ??

Dawson is now, to our great pleasure, a regular Shedder so if you watch this space you will hear more of his playing and singing.

Welcome to the PBGB Family Dawson !

You can read more about Dawson’s musical history by clicking HERE 

Monday, 25 May 2015


We have had the pleasure of the company of Merimbula locals Louise and Mick Nadin in The Shed over the past few weeks. 
Mick likes to saunter up to the microphone and sing a song every now and then, and also likes to blow his harp. 
Louise very much enjoys playing her guitar and getting into the swing of things. 
Well, Louise and Mick started to drop in on the odd Sesh, and within a couple of weeks they were well and truly grooving along. 
Wasn’t long at all before they began featuring on the songs we were fooling about with. Next thing, Mick comes along with a set of lyrics he had put together to the tune of the old Stones’ song ‘Spider and the Fly’. 
Well we played around with it a bit, got into the groove, and turned on the recorder. We were pretty pleased with the result, so we beefed it up a bit, then stirred in a bit of grunge at the desk - it's for all intents and purposes a slightly tarted up single take live recording. Neil did a bit of his voodoo on the mixer, and THIS is what popped out. 
This version features Mick on Vocals and Harp, and Louise on Guitar. Rob Smallwood plays the Lead Guitar lines, Neil Porter plays Bass, and Pete bangs the Drums. Neil twiddled the knobs. 
So, with a reverential tip of the hat to Mick and Keef, PBGB has a new number to add to our canon. And we have two new PBGB Family members. 
A very warm welcome to Louise and Mick !!! We thoroughly enjoy your company and look forward to many more happy afternoons in The Shed with you.

Monday, 18 May 2015


Had a Sesh recently at which Neil, Pete and Rob found themselves messing about as a trio. 
Rob, Neil and Pete with Jenny Halper at the Cheeky Mango.
We had been fooling around with an instrumental thing Rob had been cooking up, checking out how well we might be able to present it as a three piece. 
We had jammed on it a few times and were considering whether we should add lyrics, add other instruments, add a little gumbo one way or another. 
But then we decided, well, hell, we could have a shot at making it sound as good as we could with just the three of us. We could add lyrics, vocals, keyboards, flugelhorns, bagpipes on another yet to be constructed version, but HERE to check out how it sounds right now. 
We did the whole thing in one afternoon................played it through a couple of times, then sat around the desk and with Neil manning the controls we all threw our two bob’s worth into the mix. 
So yea, half baked, devoid of any added condiments, laid down on ya plate.............come and get it ! Rob played guitar. Neil played bass Pete played the drums. 
Half Ling !

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


A tough day at the office

A while back Andy and Dave dropped by The Shed, sat down with their acoustics, and played a couple of tunes. 
It is a rare pleasure to hear Dave sing. 
When he and Andy launched into St. James Infirmary, we thought “this is going to be good”. And it was. 
Have a listen – click HERE
Dave and Andy have each been contributing to Shed goings-on for a while now. We are humbled.. St. James Infirmary is the third song we have posted featuring Dave, who is considered by many local musicians as friend, mentor, and source of musical knowledge. 
Click HERE to find your way to Dave’s other two PBGB Shed recordings thus far. 
Dave has been a guiding light for Andy ever since Andy was a little tacker, so it is a rare treat to sit and watch these two make music together. 
Thanks Andy.......thumbs up sir!
Andy is one of the Bega Valley’s most popular musos. He plays here, he plays there, he plays most everywhere. Stare at a stage around here for long enough and Andy is sure to appear! You can read more about Andy’s musical exploits by clicking HERE. St. James Infirmary is Andy’s second PBGB posting. Click on the tune Always A Way in the PBGB Juke Box on the left of your screen to hear what happened when we were fortunate enough to have Andy sing and musically direct the PBGB original tune ‘Always A Way’. 
And by the way, you can catch a glimpse of Andy shaking his arm off on the video of Big Car No Shoes which appears immediately below this post. The vid was shot at Andy and Lyn’s fabulous Cheeky Mango Cafe
So it is always a great pleasure to have these guys turn up at The Shed, and we look forward to more visits..............any time boys !! 
St. James Infirmary is a true blues classic. No-one knows for sure who wrote it, so it is often credited as ‘traditional’. What we do know is that it was a very popular song with jazz bands back in the 1920’s. Versions were released by such luminaries as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway. More recently it has been covered my artists including Lou Rawls, Van Morrison, Rickie Lee Jones, and The White Stripes. 
Great versions they may be, but around these here parts we know many a local will be blown away by Dave and Andy’s interpretation. Enjoy !!

Monday, 26 January 2015


Thanks to Grant Webster for this video:
Post by Grant Webster.

Friday, 23 January 2015


We are very happy to have been invited to play a small part in the musical festivities at the Cheeky Mango Café's Australia Day party.  Music starts at 3:00.  See you there.

Update: due to likely weather issues, the event has been moved indoors - should be a big crowd .............. in a very small venue ................. and with a B3 Hammond  :)  Bookings recommended!

And a good time was had by all :)

Pete and Chris settling the groove.

John and Rob

Neil and Jen

John and the mighty B3!

Saturday, 17 January 2015


Jen Halper makes this Imelda May song her own - with a nice solo from Rob Smallwood.


Here's the first video from Saturday evening at Nethercote Music Factory.
A good night was had by all, and great to do at least a short live gig with such a capable bunch of players - Jen did a great job of vocals.
Thanks to Grant Webster for the video.
Post by Grant Webster.

Friday, 16 January 2015


Here's a heads up for a little incognito PBGB crew appearance at the Nethercote Music Factory blackboard night tomorrow night (Saturday 17th January).  John, Chris, Rob, Jen, Pete and Neil will be trying out a few songs - look for "Big Car - No Shoes" on the board ;)

We'll be the ones in dark glasses - should be on around 8:30.