Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Back in October, a few stars aligned and a bunch of likely lads assembled in The Shed. It was quite a blast from the past, as the line up included very early PBGB Family Members Colin Enright and Kevin Abbey.   Also present were Kevin Breeze, Raymond Toms, and long time friend Bill Legge who we had been trying to get into The Shed for ages.

Kevin Abbey and Colin have been gracing The Shed on and off since the very early days, and either or both feature on  a few of the  songs listed in the PBGB Vault., including

-          A live in performance,  savagely bastardised version of ‘Baby Please Don’t Go
-          A ramshackle version of ‘In The Shed Again’, which is of course a total rip-off of  Canned Heat’s version of  ‘On The Road Again’
-          A rollicking version of  Louis Jordan’s ‘Let The Good Times Roll’, and
-          A very swampy version of  Dale Hawkins’ ‘Susie Q’.

Kevin Breeze has been a semi regular in The Shed for some years now and has contributed stellar bass lines to  a number of our songs.

Raymond is a Shed regular who has a steadily growing list of Shed credits.

But it was new boy Bill Legge who stepped up to the microphone to sing ‘Don’t Start Me Talking’. Bill is a long time friend of Pete’s. Pete knew from singalong  parties long ago that Bill has a fine voice. Bill is also a neighbour of Col’s in Rosedale and has known Kevin Abbey for a good while.

So this was a Sesh for old mates, for old time’s sake.  There we were kicking around a couple of  old blues numbers.

Pete had written his own lyrics to put behind the Sonny Boy Williamson song ‘Don’t Start Me Talking’, so, with Raymond at the controls, and Bill fronting the microphone, we launched into that.

Bill Legge sings
Kevin Abbey plays Lead Guitar and Harp
Colin Enright plays Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Breeze plays the Bass
Pete plays the Drums
Raymond Toms did all the Recording and Production work.

True Sheddery..............a bunch of mates drinking beers and rolling out blues tunes.

The Sesh gave us a long sought opportunity to record Bill and welcome him  to the PBGB Family. Welcome aboard Bill !!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

International PBGB T Shirt Sighting # 37 - Fiji

I know that face. It’s old what’s his name. You know, the guy who hits things. Reckons he keeps tropical fish in his underpants !!