Sunday, 20 February 2011

“PBGB welcomes Mark Bolsius

Brian had expressed a desire to play a few Latin / Jazz numbers, so we organised a special Latin Jam session in The Shed.

The always positive Ken, and the usual “I’ll be in it” from Chris had us sitting pretty for a great afternoon. Then Ken announced he had been chatting with Mark Bolsius, one of the very best keyboards players on the NSW South Coast, and that Mark was keen to join in.

The particular combo that played on the afternoon ( Mark, Brian, Ken and Chris ) had never played as a unit before, and they didn’t play through any song twice, so it was very much an unrehearsed jam.

Neil had made some critical discoveries about the recording set up, enabling us to capture some songs without interrupting the flow of the jam. The first song ready for posting, Autumn Leaves , appears on the right hand side of the Latest News page of the blog, under the heading “The Shed Giveth “ . Click on it to have a listen.

Mark – welcome to the PBGB Family !! Thanks very much for coming to The Shed. We loved having you and look forward to seeing you again some day ! A brilliant performance sir.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Brian arranges a "Latin Jam"

A "different" Thursday sesh - story and hopefully some music coming soon - organised by Brian Kille - with Ken Vatcher, Chris Ralfs and first-time Shed visitor Mark Bolsius.

Mark Bolsius

Ken Vatcher

Thanks Brian!

Sunday, 13 February 2011


When Chris turned up for the regular Thursday sesh on January 27, he brought along an old buddy of his – ‘Uncle’ Bob McGowan.

Bob plonked hisself down with his trusty Resonator guitar and joined in the fray.

Neil happened to be fiddling with the recording gizmos when Bob, Gus, Chris and Pete launched into the old Howlin’ Wolf classic ( written by Willie Dixon ) ‘Built For Comfort’.

Uncle Bob has quite a history as a band leader, guitarist, singer, mandolin, kazoo ( and more ) player.

Click on these sites and

to have a peak at some of Bob’s distinguished musical pedigree.

We all got on really well, and Bob made noises about coming back to The Shed some day.

Well that would be great Bob – any time sir !

Welcome aboard Bob ! Thanks for coming.