Monday, 21 May 2012

Launch Of The Garry Carson Jones Project

Avid followers of the PBGB Blog have probably been wondering what came as a result of the ‘HUUUGE Shed Day’ reported in our blog post dated April 18.

Well read on..........

Garry recorded four original songs on the day.

You can read about the songs, and hear them by clicking on “The Garry Carson Jones Project” on the right hand side of this page.

Brilliant work Garry – you have grabbed the concept of The Shed with both hands and come up with a great result.

Big thanks also to Ken Vatcher, Dave Crowden, and Neil Porter ( who did all the recording and production work).

Bravo boys!!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

More International Exposure for Neil

Neil featured as "Guest Expert" on MSI's regular weekly show this morning (5:00 start!).  Scrubbed up OK for  a PB boy ;)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


We posted a version of Pete’s “Got A Dance Song” on April 26.

Pete thought it was great, but Garry thought he could do a better job of the guitar work if he used his ‘Black Beast’ (with Humbuckers you understand).

So he popped around to The Shed yesterday and startled the neighbours with this.

Thanks for upping the ante Garry – what with your harp and guitar work this song really pumps !!

The line-up is Pete on Vocals and Drums, Garry on Guitar and Harp,  Kevin 
Breeze on Bass, Neil on handclaps, crowd noises and production.

Monday, 7 May 2012


After our performance at the  2010 New Years Eve Community Concert at Ford Park, Merimbula, we were approached by a chap who introduced himself as Raymond Toms, video clip producer. Raymond had seen our set and wanted to know whether we might like to have him make a video for us.

Well we ummed and aahed for a while and sort of lost touch.

But in early 2012 Raymond got back in touch, apologised for taking so long, and asked if he might come over to The Shed one day to see what goes down.

He came, and we learned that Raymond dabbles with a few instruments, including drums and flute.

Well Raymond liked what he saw in The Shed, and started turning up fairly regularly.

We explained that we tend to focus on original material, that taking on new musical challenges is a staple of shed life, and encouraged Raymond to write a song.

Raymond is nothing if not enthusiastic, and it wasn’t long before he presented us with the bones of his first original, which he had titled “Shy and Retiring”.

Raymond had worked out a couple of bars on the flute, and developed it into a melody of sorts. Neil and Gus  worked out some chords for the verse, and we started to knock it into shape and get comfortable playing it. Neil and Gus came up with the contra-feel chorus chords and the chorus/verse transition that helps make it a little different. Raymond then developed the lyrics.

In early May 2012 Chris Ralfs joined us for a Sesh and we decided we’d give Shy and Retiring  a run with the recorder on.

Well we were pleasantly surprised with the result, which you can hear by clicking on Shy and Retiring on the Juke Box. 

What you hear is a live take of the song, with Raymond on vocals ( his first recording as a vocalist ) and flute, Neil on acoustic guitar, Gus on slide, Chris on bass and Pete on congas and bongos. It is the first full recording of the song. It is a bit ragged, but we think it works.

Hope you do too !

By hoicking a song onto the PBGB Juke Box, Raymond becomes a fully fledged member of the PBGB Family. We are all very pleased about that because Raymond has become one of The Shed regulars and he is keen and open to new musical endeavours – just what we like !

Read more about Raymond’s background and endeavours by clicking on his name on ‘The Musicians’ page at the top of this page, and you can also read a bit of background on Shy and Retiring by clicking on the title in ‘The Songs’ page. 

So Raymond, welcome to the PBGB Family sir !!  Great to have you on board..