Tuesday, 18 November 2014


We have been very fortunate to have John Drews and Rob Smallwood joining us in The Shed over the past few weeks 
John is doing a great job of bringing his long neglected keyboard skills back to life, and Rob is a very tasty guitar player. The sounds of The Shed are morphing yet again ! 
Anyway, Rob, John, Chris, Neil and Pete were kicking some ‘try out’ tunes around, when Jenny Halper banged on the door  “Jen.........Haven’t seen ya for ages. Come in come in. Welcome back..........a long overdue return to The Shed”.   In came Jenny, pulled out her iPhone and played us Imelda May’s ‘Big Band Handsome Man’.  Sounded good.............” let’s give that a run.”   
Played it once, thought about it for a minute, turned on the recorder and did THIS.  We’re chuffed. This is one of those magical Shed moments when something really fun drops out of nowhere. This recording is pretty much straight off the desk. 
There were no re-takes, no add-ons, no dubs, nothing – what you hear is what happened. 
It is our first recording featuring Rob and John, so........ a hearty welcome to the PBGB Family lads. And a very warm welcome back Jenny. Let’s do it again 
Jenny Halper sang 
Rob Smallwood played an electric guitar he made himself 
John Drews played Hammond organ 
Neil Porter played guitar 
Chris Ralfs played bass 
Peter Reid played drums

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Pambula Beach resident Lochie Marson recently recorded his first original composition ‘Night Without Stars’ in The PBGB Shed.

You can listen to it by clicking HERE.

Lochie is just fifteen years old, and is a pupil at Eden Marine High School.

By the time he was ten Lochie had a vocal coach and was singing at school functions.

Since then Lochie has taken every opportunity to appear in public. He has played at events including the Lions Club Christmas Carol nights, the Eden Whale Festival, Merimbula’s New Year’s Eve Big Gig, and the Bermagui Seaside Fair.

So committed is Lochie that he can also be found busking here there and everywhere.

In 2014, Lochie played to a packed house at the Canberra Area Theatre Awards.

He also played in the Spectrum Theatre Company’s sell out production of ‘The Sound Of Music’.

Lochie has the support of a number of the top musicians in the Bega Valley. That started way back when he was ten, when he was fortunate enough to have Colleen Spillane, a superb vocalist, take him under her wing.

Lochie has studied guitar under the tutelage of Peter Heaton since he was eleven.

PBGB Family Member Garry Carson Jones  also teaches Lochie guitar, as well as providing mentoring and support.

Lochie’s current vocal coach is David Willis, his music teacher at Eden Marine High and a huge influence and supporter.

Mandy Siegel, another PBGB Family member, has also been helping Lochie by sharing her wealth of knowledge of the performing arts.

So it is pretty clear that Lochie enjoys his music and is intent on seeking out advice and coaching from the very best teachers he can find.

When we found out we could help Lochie out, we jumped at the chance. PBGB is more than happy to join the many seasoned Bega Valley musicians who, by virtue of their teaching, coaching and support, ensure that the Valley continues to nurture our  amazingly talented young musicians.

Night Without Stars is Lochie’s first recording of one of his own compositions.

We already have a deal with Lochie – anytime he is ready to record any more original songs, he is very welcome to do so in the PBGB Shed.

So keep your eye on this website for more Lochie compositions.

It was a pleasure to work with you Lochie !  Welcome to the PBGB Family.  Keep writing songs, and hopefully we’ll see you back in The Shed soon !