Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rosario De Marco signs on with the PBGB Family !

Santa brought PBGB a very special present this year.
We received an email from a fellow named Rosario De Marco. Rosario explained that he is a composer /guitarist from Melbourne, and that he and his family have a holiday house in Pambula Beach. Rosario had come across the PBGB Blog, and he figured we might be able to help him find a couple of gigs while he was here on holidays.

Well we checked out Rosario on the web, and were delighted to discover that Rosario is an exceptionally talented musician. So we got back in touch, and the fireworks started.

We sent out an email to people we thought might be able to help Rosario find a gig or two. We also explained the PBGB concept to Rosario and invited him to get on board.

The PBGB jungle drums started beating.  All across the Valley !

Next thing we knew, the always generous, music loving and talent promoting Lyn and Andy O’Donnell had offered Rosario a gig at their very groovy home of local music “The Cheeky Mango” cafe.             

Neil and Jan, Ken and Susie, Jem and Ami, and Pete and Penny went along for dinner and a listen.  We met up with Rosario and were all mighty impressed with his music and his friendly demeanour.  It was a great show, so good that immediately after the show Lyn and Andy offered Rosario a second gig a few nights later.  Fantastic support Andy and Lyn – thank you so much !  Welcome Rosario !!

New Year’s Eve saw Rosario and his family join us as we watched the mighty Figmentz, featuring special guests Andy O’Donnell (he’s everywhere), Garry Carson Jones and Pol O’Shea absolutely tear up the Ford Park NYE Community Concert.  Brilliant performance from Ken, Dave and da boyz!  Rosario was very impressed with their performance, and figured he was in fine company.

On to January 1 - things are happening at lightning speed and Rosario, Jem, Ken and Pete are in The Shed recording a couple of Rosario’s original songs.

We fired up the recorder and Rosario launched straight into Jambudvipa which you can listen to by clicking on the title, or by clicking on ‘The Rosario De Marco Project’ on the right of your screen.

Jambudvipa sounded great straight off the bat. Rosario only needed one run through. Just like that !

We knew straight away we had ‘a take’, so we handed Rosario a PBGB T Shirt and warmly welcomed him to the PBGB Family.

Rosario and Jem (on Soprano Sax)  then recorded a second Rosario original called Momentum.  After playing it back we decided we would really like to add some extra layers to the song.  So it will be a little while in the making, but watch this space.

Meantime, you can read all about Rosario by clicking on his ‘Musician’s Page’ and by clicking on “The Rosario De Marco Project” site on the right hand side of your page.

A very warm welcome to The PBGB Family Rosario !

Hurry on back to Pambula Beach and The Shed !!