Monday, 1 August 2016


Dawson with Frankie
Dawson had only owned his much loved Ashton Resonator guitar for a week when it fell down and busted it's neck.

Dawson, a 'Never Give Up' kind of guy got to work with some stainless steel plates and bolts and patched up the Resonator - check the photo.

With a bunch of bolts through the Resonator's neck, Dawson gave it the nick-name 'Frankie'. Very droll Dawson !

Anyway, a few weeks back, Dawson was in The Shed plunking away at a new song he had written, called Never Give Up.

Ken's interest was piqued, and before long he was sitting at the kit laying down a New Orleans style second line drum pattern. That  seemed to fit the song very nicely indeed.

Next thing we knew Neil had his bass strapped on, and the three of them recorded THIS.

The whole song went from Dawson messing about with a new tune through to completion in less than an hour. Well, Dawson did dub some harmonies later, but essentially this one came together very smartly indeed.

The lyrics to Never Give Up are self explanatory.......................keep on keeping on, don't give up. It's a sweet tune, very reminiscent of early Afro-American spiritual / gospel music.

Dawson and Frankie work together beautifully, and Dawson's vocals are as soulful as ever.

Ken's drums provide a very tasty backing, as does Neil's laid back bass feel. Thanks guys !

Hope y'all dig it !!!