Saturday, 27 February 2016


 We are truly saddened to learn that on the evening of February 26, 2016, long time friend and PBGB Family Member Kevin Abbey was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Kevin’s long time partner Sophie was riding pillion with Kev. Fortunately Sophie has survived the accident. At the time of writing we believe Sophie is recovering in Canberra Hospital. We wish you a speedy, complete recovery Sophie.

Kev was a great guy. A true rascal. A stirrer. 

Love him and curse him in the same breath.
A very talented musician who leaves behind two lovely daughters. Our hearts are with them, as they are with Sophie, and the girls’ Mum Dorothea. 

Kev’s ties to PBGB actually pre-date the formation of PBGB.

Indeed it was Kevin who approached Pete way back in the seventies, asking Pete if he would become the drummer in Kev’s successful Canberra based cabaret band Sprunter. Strange thing was, Pete had never played drums, didn’t even own a kit. But Kev had the confidence, and it happened. Pete has been in Kev’s debt ever since.

When PBGB kicked off back in 2005 Kev was amongst the earliest ‘special guests’ who used to travel far and wide to join in our crazy Shednanigans. Most of our earliest recordings that were of any value featured Kev – he was able to inject a spark into our proceedings that lifted the early PBGB bar.

Click on ‘the Musos’ tab at the top of this page. Click on Kev’s name and listen back to the recordings we made with Kev. 

We’ll miss you Kev. Thanks for a lifetime of music and mayhem.