Friday, 18 December 2015


A funky RnB tune from me (Neil), written in 2009 and previously recorded by me with Anne Cozean (a very talented singer from the US) 

The song was written with PBGB's bass player at the time in mind, and our regular urging for him to break away from written charts and to "feel the beat".

We've been running through this over a few seshs in The Shed, and decided to try a recording with those present on the day - which turned out to be Steve, Peter, Louise and myself.  We focussed on the rhythm tracks (rhythm guitar, drums, percussion and bass) with the idea of adding vocals later, which turned out to be a good idea, as we caught a pretty tight version.

I took off to add vocals and tidy things up a bit in my home studio, and, as often happens in my home studio, I became obsessive about finishing the production off asap.  So after adding my vocal parts and sitting with no second backing vocal and no guitar solo, I decided to add both.   Dawson's backing vocals were taken from a previous recording I had on file, and I played a double tracked solo (does that make it a "duo"?).

End result was pretty good. 

I've been pretty hard to please on versions of my songs by PBGB, but I can say honestly that I am very happy with the PBGB version of "Feel The Beat".  It's very different from the original, but the playing and recording standards are among the highest raw materials from the Shed that I've worked with.

So, have a listen HERE - I/we hope you like it.

Steve Faggotter - guitar
Louise Nadin - shakers
Peter Reid - drums
Dawson Graham - backing vocal (via the wonders of digital recording!)
Neil Porter - writer, bass, vocal, guitar solo/duo, production

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