Monday, 8 July 2013

ABC Canberra Radio Dials Up PBGB

Way back in March 2010 we decided to throw our hat in the ring of a segment 666 Canberra ABC radio were plugging called ‘Garage Idle’.  The segment was seeking out people making noise in their garages, see what they could do.  Idle ?  Suited us, so in we went.

Presenter Greg Bayliss invited Heather and Pete along to the studio for a natter - Neil joined in on the phone. Tatjana Clancy was producing. They played a song or two we had recorded. Lots of fun.

You can listen to that interview by clicking HERE  

Fast forward to last week, and Tatjana was on the ‘phone asking what we were up to some three years on.

We were very happy to announce that “Yep, PBGB is still happening”.

So........on Monday Tatjana rang back for an interview with Neil and Pete.

Listen in by clicking HERE. Includes Mandy’s recent rendition of Neil’s “Out Here and Stranded”.

Ps           Tatjana’s man Craig handcrafts some very fine stringed instruments. If you’re thinking of rewarding yourself with a special stringed  treat, take a look at Craig’s Facebook page.

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