Thursday, 11 March 2010

The PBGB Blog goes public.

Thanks for coming and having a look at our blog. Well, like most things with PBGB it's a little more complicated than that - it's more of a website than a blog, although the main page will be regularly updated..

Use the headings across the top of the page to navigate around - read the history of PBGB; the story of "The Shed" in local folklore; see pics of the band; read our original song lyrics; play a few songs on the player on the right of each page; visit the shop to buy a T-shirt or soon, a CD; there's even a video to watch.

No expense has been spared to provide a multi-media PBGB experience :)

One last thing - we will be doing a few gigs this year, so why not join our mailing list (you can do it in the right hand column) so we can let you know where and when. "Friends of PBGB" will always get preferential tickets.

Now, have a wander around - leave a comment if you like.

Have fun!


  1. thanks for this site, we can now be in touch with the your gigs. thanks.

  2. That a very nice site indeed. Keep up the good work. The garage doors band had gained a lot of popularity among the persons!

  3. Steve from Kiama8 July 2011 at 17:39

    Have followed the ever morphing journey of PBGB for a while now and love the spirit and groove coming from The Shed.
    Have just been jamming along with Mark Reids excellent 'Tell Me Honey' vid on line and having a ball.


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