Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Neil's CD - "Signs Of Life" released

Finally! Worth a listen PBGBers!

"Signs Of Life" is a (kind of) solo album from Neil, with cameo appearances from some great musicians in the US and Norway, as well as Oz. Unfortunately no other PBGBers here, but there will be on the next Neil Porter CD - that's for sure! Click on the cover to go to the album page, where you can listen, read about the tracks, read the lyrics and, if the urge takes you, purchase a copy :)

<a href="http://jiguma.bandcamp.com/album/signs-of-life-2">Amsterdam by Neil Porter</a>


  1. Hey guys, really like the Signs of Life tracks. Smooth, great production, all round top effort. And that drummer!! :)
    John H in Sydney

  2. Thanks John. The drummers are pretty good ;-) but I'm afraid Pete isn't amongst them on this CD :-( Maybe the next one.

    It's Mike Watkins from the US on the real kit and me on midi drums.
    Cheers, and thanks for listening,



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