Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Not so long ago we got an email from a fellow who had listened to the ABC Bega interview with Neil and Pete back in May 2010. Brian was very interested in what goes on in The Shed and tracked us down after having moved to Merimbula from Canberra.

We interrogated Brian at length, and under the pressure of water boarding ( we invented it, not the CIA ) he admitted that :

- He started music as a drummer and bugler in the high school army cadet band and graduated to drum major!

- He later realised that his true love was sax

- While in Canberra, he played with groups of friends including at The National Folk Festival, and with Sterling Primmer’s band as well as the Cajun group Allez Gator.

- He has done lots of teaching music to school kids

- He is interested in exploring harmonic structures, writing songs, playing harp and guitar, and singing.

Well............we invited Brian over for a blow.

Would you believe that on his very first visit we hit the recorder and came up with the version of Neil’s Things Must Change that you can hear by clicking HERE

Neat !!

By featuring on a PBGB recording that we like, Brian has automatically qualified as a bona fide PBGB Family Member !

Welcome Brian.

Come see Brian blow his horn with us at Ford Park, Merimbula on New Year’s Eve.

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