Sunday, 28 December 2014



Neil's fourth album of original songs is ready to be released into the wild.

You can listen to the tracks and/or buy the digital version of Into The Blue here.  The CD version will be available shortly - printer problems have put that on hold for the next week or so.  Watch this space!
"My 4th collection of original songs. A fuller, rounder sound than my previous 3 albums, with new songs, and a couple of re-mastered earlier songs (lifted significantly compared to their original versions).  
I'm pleased to have a number of international collaborators on this one - Fran Dagostino from Boston, Massechusetts on guitar, John Libby from Boston on keyboards, Anne Cozean from North Fork, California on backing vocals and Mike Watkins from Virginia on drums - some familiar names there if you have the "Neil Porter Collection" :) I'm also very happy that I have a "live from The PBGB Shed" song here, featuring Chris Ralfs on fretless bass and Peter Reid on drums. Finally, Jan Porter joined me on backing vocals on "Money To Burn" - very glad that Jan was ready to join in again. You'll find reggae, some interesting time signatures, RnB and acoustic rock here - plus something a little harder :) 
The last song, "Eggshell Walk", is dedicated to the late, great Fran Dagostino from Boston, USA who plays all the astonishing guitars. Although I never physically met Fran, we Skyped a couple of times and he was good enough to play lead guitar on a few of my tunes for me. From all reports, Fran was a seriously good guy. He is very much missed, even here on the other side of the planet.  
Have a great 2015!"


Friday, 5 December 2014


‘One Step’ started out when Pete put forward a set of lyrics, some ideas about drum patterns, and a desire to see what might happen if we pushed the ‘heavy’ button. 
Pete invited John to contribute some melody and riffage. 
Neil then conjured up a killer bass line and added the guitar parts 
With that all done and dusted Pete stepped up to the microphone, and.............there you have our latest offering ‘One Step’. 
This may well be the heaviest PBGB song to date. It all came together as a sort of sideline project while things were otherwise a bit quiet. Can’t have that! 

You can listen by clicking right HERE or by clicking on the title in the PBGB Juke Box. 
Pete played the Drums and sang the thing. 
John Drews conjured up and played the Keyboard parts 
Neil played the Guitar and Bass as well as doing all the production stuff. 
Enjoy !