Friday, 27 November 2015


'Drag Queen' from THE VAULT by PBGB from David Kelly on Vimeo.


Here comes Dawson again! 
Dawson wrote Coloured Lights in response to that vivid memory most of us have of the first time we wandered around King’s Cross on a Saturday night. Bright lights, characters, clubs, shady deals, crammed footpaths, smells, flashing blue lights, sirens. Sex and drugs and rock and roll baby! 
A clutch of very hip New Zealand blues and soul singers made their way across the ditch to the big smoke of Sydney in the 60s and 70s. Many of them drawn and catering to, the money being spent by American servicemen on r and r leave from Vietnam. Max Merritt, Mark Williams and Ricky May for starters. Oh, and Dawson Graham. 
A true troubadour, Dawson moulded his early memories of the Cross into a song. And HERE it is ! Coloured Lights. 
This version of Coloured Lights is very much live from The Shed. What you hear is a raw representation of what went down in The Shed in late November 2015. 
Who did what ? 
Dawson Graham Writer, Vocals 
Steve Faggotter Electric Guitar 
Mick Nadin Harp 
Louise Nadin Acoustic Guitar 
Neil Porter Bass, Production  
Peter Reid Drums 
Coloured Lights is the second of Dawson’s original songs we have posted on the PBGB Blog. Dawson has a swag of original tunes up his sleeve, so watch this space for more

Monday, 16 November 2015


Couple of months ago Neil said he had a mate, a guitarist, who might just be interested in checking out The Shed. "Steve ...... he’s a good player”. “Invite him along” 
In came Steve. He liked what he heard, he liked what he saw. We liked him, we liked what he played. He’s turned up to virtually every Sesh since ! That’s fine by us - Steve makes the sort of noises we like. You might too. Check Steve’s lead licks on THIS .
That is a song Dawson wrote called Drag Queen. Listen up and you’ll click it’s about a drag racing car. Nothing to do with transvestites. The song is a tribute to Sandy Rose, a member of Dawson’s family, who died of cancer earlier this year. Rose’s husband Jerry drag races a Fiat Topolino in Dawson’s home country – New Zealand. The Fiat is called Little Mouse. 
That version of Drag Queen is an off the desk live blast from The Shed. It features what has been a relatively stable line-up of late.  
The recording was cut about the third time ‘we’ played the song. ‘We’ ? 
Dawson Graham Writer, Vocals, Resonator Guitar 
Steve Faggotter Lead Guitar 
Louise Nadin Rhythm Guitar 
Mick Nadin Harp 
Neil Porter Bass, Recording and Production 
Peter Reid Drums 
Nice one team ! Welcome to the PBGB Family Steve. More noises like that please. You can read more about Steve by clicking HERE