Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Not so long ago, Dawson strolled into The Shed and commenced crooning a freshly penned ballad. Our ears pricked up. 
We decided this was a song worthy of our best efforts. 
We pulled the tempo waaay down and found a sleeky groove for the bass and drums. 
Neil added some deliciously sparse rhythm guitar licks. 
We put all that together with Dawson’s haunting vocals and decided that all we needed to finish it off was a dash of the old B3. 
In a typical serendipitous Shed scenario, next time we opened The Shed door who should be standing there but our old mate John Drews. And lo and behold, he had his Hammond B3 - the full "piece of furniture" kit with leslie speaker! - with him (as you do).  Well, come on in John!  Have we got a spot for you sir ! 
John wheeled in The Hammond. Neil shoved a mic. in front of the Leslie. In no time flat John had nailed it. Job done. 
We are thrilled with the result. 
Have a listen to Dawson’s Tore Me Up and see if you agree that this ranks amongst the best of The Shed’s productions to date. 
And welcome back John – great to have you in The Shed again. Your Hammond work is the perfect icing on the cake ! 
Dawson wrote the song and sang his torn up heart out. 
Neil played the bass and added the rhythm guitar licks. Also did all the recording and superb production work. 
John Drews played Hammond B3. 
Pete played the drums.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


Pete and Penny recently jetted over to Adelaide for Womadelaide 2016. It’s a brilliant event that had been on Pete’s Bucket List for ages. Do yourself a favour and get along, you will not be disappointed !! 
One of the groups that really tore the place up was Ester Rada’s band. All the way from Israel, with their brand of Ethiopian Jazz, Funk, Soul, and R & B, they cooked ! Look them up, read about them, and hear them on the Womadelaide 2016 website. 
Anyway, day after the Festival, Pete and Penny were waiting in the departure lounge for a flight to Melbourne. The lounge started to fill with what were obviously musos from the Festival. Check the photo below......... 
World musos everywhere ! All on their way to WOMAD New Zealand. ‘Plane was full of ‘em!  Pete recognised Ester, happened to be wearing his PBGB Tee, and thought “Hmmm, here’s an op for a PBGB T sighting” Ester and the band, good sports, were happy to oblige. 
Thanks gang !! 

Friday, 4 March 2016


Mick and Louise Nadin started hanging out in The PBGB Shed around April 2015.
We knew them beforehand.........part of the gang hanging out at The Cheeky Mango and so on, friends of friends etc 
Louise came equipped with an acoustic guitar. Mick toted a box of harps and a voice. 
It soon became very apparent that Mick is a HUGE fan of the reggae mon. In fact, Mick’s alter ego is General Mikey, presenter of Sapphire FM’S 2 hour ‘General Mikey’s Reggae Show’, broadcast 8pm Thursdays and repeated at 4 pm Fridays. Tune in rasta freaks............The Gen hangs out some serious grooves !! 
No surprise then......Mick soon had us sharpening up our reggae skills. 
Mick had written some lyrics. He had a bee in his bonnet about government ‘procedures’. He also had a groove in mind, and we started kicking it all about. 
Have a listen to our finished product. Click here to play BUREAUCRACY. We had a great time putting it together. You did good Mick ! Hope ya’ll like it. Mick Nadin wrote the lyrics, knew what groove he wanted, sang and played harp. Go General Mikey !!

Steve Faggoter played the lead guitar. Louise did the percussion stuff. Neil played bass. He also did all the recording and production. Nice work Neil ! Pete played the drums