Thursday, 24 November 2016


Yep, Mick is happy in The Shed
Mick, aka local community radio station Sapphire 97.5 fm's General Mikey, has been a welcome regular at The Shed for over a year now.   
We knew from Mick's very first visit to The Shed, and from his radio show,  that Mick lurves da Reggae.    
When Mick introduced us to his new song 'Nanny State Madness' it confirmed for us that he not only digs da riddum of da reggae...... he is also deep into the protest strain that is the rootstock of reggae.   
Check out Mick's previous songs Bureaucracy and Destiny, and you'll get to hear Mick's views on a couple of deep socio / political issues.   
Nanny State Madness carries on that tradition with a few solid swipes at State intervention. Have a listen HERE.    
Despite Mick's rumblings about certain aspects of the world we live in, he is actually a happy chap..............he's loving The Shed, pumping out new songs, and wailing away on his vocals and his harps.   
Keep it up Mick............we're all digging it too !!   
Mick wrote the song, sings it, and plays da harp. 
Steve Faggotter plays rhythm and intro electric guitar. 
Gus Washbourne plays dem guitar solos 
Louise Nadin plays intro acoustic guitar 
Graham Brown provides percussion 
Dawson Graham sings backing vocals 
Neil Porter plays dat bass and produced the song
Peter Reid is on drums