Jock Logus

It Ain't Right - Vocal
Mama Told Me So  - Co-writer, Vocal
You And The Blues - Backing Vocal 

I was raised in a small country town just outside of Tamworth; the Australian home of country music.  My parents and siblings all had beautiful singing voices and a passion for country music. I tended to lean towards blues and rock with a little country thrown in the mix! Yup always the rebel.
At the age of fourteen I met Yarni who introduced me to real rhythm and blues music and in turn I introduced him to Prince.
In 1990 we moved to Canberra and I put my music on hold while I focused my attention on working and raising our beautiful children.  I was always strumming a guitar so there was always music going on at home. Both of our children were into music, playing drums and harp.
In 1993 I lost my best friend and started writing my first song. Unfortunately it's been resting on the shelf for the last 24 years.
In 2005 Yarni and I started singing with the Stormy Mondays band, playing at parties and jamming at local blues clubs.
In 2009 we travelled to Europe regularly and started playing with bands in Europe. We formed Jock's Blues Band with a couple of outstanding musicians, and played at music festivals and bars. Highlights and honours included performing alongside one of Greece’s most talented bluesmen, Elias Zaikos from Blueswire, and with Johnny Vavouris and his band the Cadillacs.
In 2015 we made the move to the beautiful Bega Valley and have never looked back.
In 2016 I was asked to join the Candelo Blues Club house band as the lead singer. That same year I came across the PBGB after meeting PBGB Family member Steve England at a blues jam. 
On meeting the groovy Shed gang I found myself wanting more. Hopefully I'll soon dust that first song off and record it. I know the Shedders will do it justice, this space.

I'm honoured to be part of the PBGB family.

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