Sam Crowden

Batecaixa (A traditional Brazilian dance song) 
Benzinho (Portugese for Beloved)
Dili Nights (Original by Dave Crowden)  
The Island (Original by Dave Crowden) 
Sam Crowden is a Brogo based Guitarist and Bassist. He has been teaching music for close on ten years, including at Magpie Music in Bega. 
He is a former member of Guitarama, and son of long time PBGB Family Member Dave Crowden. 
Sam is a versatile instrumentalist who has studied styles including rock, classical and jazz. He has also looked extensively into the Theoretic areas behind music and worked as both performer and event manager. 
Sam was born into a musical family and at age 6 began studying the guitar. Throughout High School he was highly regarded as an aspiring instrumentalist and involved himself in many local community theatre productions and concerts. After completing his HSC, Sam began teaching music and founded a Youth Music Committee which organised musical entertainment in the community. 
Sam studied Classical Guitar through the Australian Music Examinations Board, and completed an Advanced Diploma of Music Performance at the North Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2007. Sam went on to complete a Music degree at NMIT. 
Since then, Sam has studied World Music as a path towards formal studies in Ethnomusicology. He has visited East Africa and Cuba to immerse himself in his favoured musical cultures. 
Thanks for coming along to the PBGB Shed and sharing your musical talents with us Sam !

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