Rosario was welcomed into the PBGB Family in December 2012. Given his family has a holiday home in Pambula Beach, and the very warm welcome afforded Rosario by the rest of the PBGB Family, we are sure we will be featuring an ever expanding array of Rosario’s compositions on the PBGB Blog.

So we set up a special Project Page for Rosario.

Rosario’s first session in The Shed resulted in our including his composition ‘Jambudvipa’ on his Project Page.  This version of Jambudvipa is a solo performance by Rosario, that he cut in one take !  Jambudvipa is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘this earth’ or ‘the world we live in’.  The song is a part of Rosario’s ‘Moon Project’, which is in three parts, the second of which is Jambudvipa.

When Rosario was in The Shed to record Jambudvipa, he also laid down an acoustic guitar version of another of his compositions, titled ‘Momentum’.

When we heard Momentum, we all agreed that it would be great to add some other tracks. Jem Savage was with us, and had his Soprano Sax to hand. He had a couple of listens, wet his whistle, and blew. As is the way with Jem, what came out of the funnel was seriously tasty. We had Acoustic Guitar and Soprano Sax !

The Ken gathered some chimes, bells, and other things he likes to hit, and started piecing together some devilishly clever Percussion parts. Voila !!  More Vatcher magic !

Rosario suggested that some selective addition of the sounds of the sea might just top the whole thing off, so Neil cleverly blended in  some washing waves, and it was done. HERE to listen to Rosario’s Momentum. Enjoy !!

We are hoping to be able to bring you more of Rosario’s beautiful compositions in due course. Watch this space.

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