Over the years, the number of songs recorded in The Shed has risen to the point that it is a challenge to keep them all prominent on the ‘front page’ of the PBGB Blog.

We have songs listed on the Juke Box, and we have songs contained within the ‘Special PBGB Projects’, but then we have  a whole lot more as well.

The Vault is where we store songs that we like a great deal even though they may have been recorded back in the old days, or feature PBGB Family Members we no longer have the opportunity to play with.

You can listen to songs from the Vault in the player below or go to our BandCamp PBGB Vault page where you can read detailed information about each of the songs.

Some are ‘bootleg’ versions / alternative takes of songs that appear on the Juke Box, or..............whatever.

Enjoy !

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