Monday, 4 July 2011


Dateline July 4, 2011.
Thanks to the super strong musical networks of the mighty Ken Vatcher, we had some of the Bega Valley's absolutely finest players in for a truly fabulous Sesh.
Special guests Andy O'Donnell, Garry Carson Jones, and Dave Crowden joined Pete, Neil, Ken and Lyndon for an all in jam. Pete, Garry, Andy and Neil each sang a song or three. Dave and Neil shared bass duties. Ken and Pete played musical drum chairs. The beer fridge shrugged off the onslaught with a typical, snotty sort of 'nice try boys' attitude. Chris ( currently on sick leave with a crook wrist ) popped in to say hello.
Dave is very active in the Bega Valley music scene. A teacher at Magpie Music, Dave is also the godfather figure and mentor for Guitarama, a group of Dave’s students. Click on
to have a look at Guitarama in action. That’s a Dave composition folks – nice work Dave.
Andy is a prolific and very popular gigster ‘round these here parts. Andy is one of the famous O’Donnell Brothers, lead vocalist and guitarist with The Figmentz ( which features Ken and Dave – incestuous ain’t it ? ), amongst other gigging combos. Click here
to access Andy’s page on Reverbnation and hear some of his work !
Garry is, amongst other things, a teacher at Magpie Music, a solo entertainer with a big following, the boss man of The Poddy Dodgers, and a key member of Frankie J. Holden’s Stumbling Wilburies ( as indeed are Ken and Dave ). Click here
to have a peak at Garry’s MySpace page.

Now folks you need to be aware that Monday’s Sesh was a jam. Nothing was pre-planned. The (full) line up had never played with each other before. We didn’t play the same song twice (except for Tell Me Honey). So the version of I Am that you can hear by clicking on the title in the PBGB Vault, was a first time learning experience for everybody bar Garry, who wrote it, sang it, and played guitar. Garry was supported by Dave on bass, Neil on slide guitar, Lyndon on guitar, and Pete on drums. Have a listen. It’s a beautiful song Garry, well done sir, anything off the top shelf for you.
By the way, I Am is also the first song we have posted that features Lyndon on guitar. There you go Lyndon. Well done sir !!
Seems everybody had a real good time. We certainly hope so, and wait with baited breath for any of these guys to make a return visit.
Thanks for letting us post a ‘roughie’ Garry – you’re a good sport.
And Ken, thanks for getting it all together.
Hurry back y’all !

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