Sunday, 16 October 2011

Safe Hands

Here are 2 versions of "Safe Hands" for your listening pleasure.  The first, below is a video version by Neil and 6 musical friends from the US and Norway.  Video and audio mixed and mastered by Neil, it features John Libby (Boston MA US) on keys, Anne Cozean and Marty Ross Vining (North Fork CA US) on backing vocals, Thor Oliversen (Stavanger Norway) on  guitar, Mike Watkins (Stirling VA US) on drums and Chris Flynn (Houston TX US) on bass.  Neil is singing and playing second guitar.  This international collaboration was made possible through MacJams -
Check the song notes for more information.

The second, by PBGB with Sasha Dee is in the JukeBox on the right, and features Pete, Ken, Kev, Neil and of course Sasha.

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