Friday, 16 December 2011


PBGB Family Members Ken Vatcher and Pol O’Shea have just wrapped up a major project with the release of a new cd, ‘Sierra’, by the Kade Brown Trio.

The Kade Brown Trio consists of
  • Kade Brown on Piano
  • Steve Clark on Bass
  • Ken Vatcher on drums. 
Pol did the recording and mixing, which is, to put it mildly, fantastic.

Kade is a sixteen year old student ( year 11 in 2012 ) at the Sapphire Coast Anglican College. Kade’s playing places him firmly in the prodigy category. When you hear Kade play, it is very difficult to comprehend that he is indeed still a youngster – his playing sensitivity and his talent are just so awesome !

Add to that the fact that Kade wrote three of the tracks ( including our favourite ‘Dust’ ) on Sierra, and one can’t help but be astonished by this young man.

Other tracks on Sierra are covers of  all time great composers, including Miles Davis, Rodgers and Hart, and Lennon and McCartney.

And Kade’s mentor and master jazz bassist Steve Clark also wrote a track.

Our own Mark Bolsius, Pol O’Shea, and Ken and Susie Vatcher are credited with assisting the project.

‘Sierra’ is as good as piano trio smooth jazz gets, and any jazz fan will be blown away by this brilliant cd.

Locals can purchase Sierra at Magpie Music in Bega, or Booktique in Merimbula.

Or you can just contact us here at the PBGB Blog and we will make sure a copy gets to you

Highly recommended, and a tribute to all involved – congratulations.

Go get it !

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