Friday, 13 January 2012

MSI 2011 Best Artist Awards

With the help of a lot more friends and musical aquaintances than he imagined might exist, Neil has been named the "MSI Artist Of The Year - 2011" at the US "MSI" website.  

If you voted - THANK YOU!

OK, so its a voting situation, but to get on the shortlist of 10 artists, Neil's song "(You Got Me) Spinnin'" (recorded with John Libby from Boston on keyboards) was selected by the MSI team from the 100 or more competing songs reviewed on the site in 2011.

Anyway, it's always nice to get an award - the last (and only other) one Neil has received for music was apparently winning a school talent quest in 1967 for playing "When I'm 64" with a rag-tag band.

The show is broadcast weekly, on Sundays at 4.00pm (EST) / 9.00pm (GMT), on the iCWeekly website, where viewers will be able to watch the live steam and interact with the show in our chatroom. The show is, also, available to download for FREE from iTunes, a few hours after the end of the broadcast.

Neil will be guest panelist on the show on 12th February.


1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Neil

    Well might you play it down, but this is an international competition, and you have won !

    Followers of PBGB, and your antics on MacJams will not be surprised - you consistently write good songs with great lyrics.

    The recognition this brings is testament to your devotion to your music and your talent.




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