Thursday, 2 February 2012


By kindly agreeing to play on our latest song, ‘Big Car, No Shoes’, Jem Savage has become a very welcome member of the PBGB Family.

Jem came to The Shed through the mighty musical networks of Ken Vatcher, and is in fact the beau of Ken and Susie’s daughter Amy.

He hails from Melbourne, where he has recently completed his Bachelor of Music Degree at NMIT. In 2012 he is going on to study Music Performance Honours at the VCA

Jem is a multi instrumentalist specialising in sax, bass, drums and electronics but also dabbling in many other instruments including keys, guitar and flute!

Intent on a career as a musician, Jem provides music lessons to many young players in addition to engineering, mixing and producing a wide variety of music and performing with a number of diverse musical combos.

Jem plays with:

Innerspace, see or

The Cambrian Explosion, see or

We are absolutely stoked that Jem took time out to come and record with us in The Shed. We love what Jem came up with, and look forward to featuring Jem on future PBGB productions.

Welcome to the PBGB Family Jem. More please - do drop in whenever you are in the district!!

As for the song, well the story goes like this.............

Pete came up with the concept of a song that starts with a cut time groove then breaks into double time. Neil took that away and wrote a melody and some lyrics. Pete and Neil worked ‘in the studio’ (as it were ) to hammer out the drum and bass parts. Neil added some rhythm guitar, Hammond B3, and the vocals. Ken then came on board to add some tasty percussion, and voila, we had a great sounding song just ready and waiting for an accomplished soloist to add the final touches.

Jem happened to be visiting Ken and Susie over Christmas, and had his Soprano Sax in his car, and of course we had Fhrodo ( see post below ) just itching to be played.

So Jem added the super tasty sax and piano parts.

Ken and Neil and Pete took the song back to the studio and started mixing and mastering. Ken called for some devilishly clever adjustments, and there we were – a finished product.

So the final credits for Big Car, No Shoes go like this...............

Pete – Concept, Drums
Neil -   Writer, Vocals, Guitar, Hammond B3, Bass, Co-Producer and Engineer
Ken -   Co-Producer and Percussion
Jem -   Fabulous solo work on Fhrodo ( our beautiful 1971 Fender Rhodes Piano ) and Soprano Saxaphone.

Click on the title on the PBGB Juke Box to have a listen.

Heartfelt thanks to all the people involved, including Simon Tregear for his truly great work on Fhrodo, which, we hope you will agree, sounds just peachy !

We are stoked, hope you like it too !

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