Thursday, 22 November 2012

PBGB Tee Shirts a WorldWide Phenomenon

PBGB T Shirts seem to be popping up with increasing frequency all over the globe.

Latest sighting has been reported from Mundaka in Spain, a wave that many regard as the best in Europe.

Due to a massive tide shift, the break at Mundaka goes completely flat on a high tide, no matter how big the swell – exactly as you see in the attached photo.

But............Mundaka does fire big time.........have a look at this Youtube clip for proof

OK,when Pete surfed it earlier this month it was not quite the size you see in the clip. Nor was there such crowd lunacy, but Pete rates it amongst his all time surfing highlights.

Would you like Tapas with that ??  Si por favor !!!


  1. I read total Post. It’s really nice. Thank you for sharing.........Nice post

    Nena and Pasadena

  2. Thanks Murray

    Glad you liked it



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