Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gus Grabs Another Lifeline

 Gus’ song Lifeline has proved to be a perennial favourite in The Shed. It is a great little tune that is a good one to drag out when visitors pop in. That’s mainly because Lifeline is almost a straight twelve bar and it has a neat swing feel, the combination of which make for a song that people can pick up on pretty quickly. Plus, Gus usually remembers the words !

So yea, it gets pulled out for a run pretty often.

There is an early version, in the PBGB Vault,  which features Sasha Dee on Vocals, Ken Vatcher on Drums, Kevin Breeze on Bass, and Gus and Neil on Guitars. Click HERE to have a listen to that version.

Now we offer up  a version that features Gus on Guitar and Vocal, Neil Porter and Lyndon Lewis on Guitars, Kevin on the Bass, and Pete on the Drums.  Same song, very different version.

Have a listen by clicking HERE, or by clicking on ‘Lifeline’ on the PBGB Juke Box on the left of your screen.

It’s a great song thanks Gus, well deserving of its popularity in The Shed, and really good fun to play !!

Wouldn’t be surprised if a third version pops up one day.

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