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If you scroll down to the article dated October 1, 2013, (two below this one), you will be able to read all about Brett’s introduction to the PBGB Shed.

And if you read Brett’s Musician’s Page, you will find out more about Brett’s background.

Anyway, we did promise that we would be posting a few more of Brett’s songs over time. And here we present the second of Brett’s songs we have recorded thus far. It’s called "Man In The Mirror", and you can listen to it by clicking HERE.

"Man In The Mirror" is another of Brett’s fiendishly clever songs – have a close listen to the lyrics and you will surely agree with us that Brett has that brilliant songwriter’s / poet’s  technique of capturing and sharing emotions in a way that most everybody can relate to.

In essence, Brett is telling us something we all know........that “ if you really want a lover, and you really want to love her”,  then you have to love the man in the mirror first.  And guess who the man in the mirror is !

Brilliant Brett !!

This version of "Man In The Mirror" was essentially captured the first or second time we played the song with Brett. He just launched into the song and the rest of us scrambled to keep up with him.  It has been tidied up a little bit in the studio, but really, we were astonished by how quickly this came together.  Thing is, Brett reels off his songs with such conviction that it is just a matter of playing along behind him.  In this instance we seem to have got it right pretty smartly.

Brett (Vocal and Acoustic Guitar) is supported on "Man In The Mirror" by Chris Ralfs on Bass, Neil Porter on Guitar, Backing Vocals and Keyboards, and Peter Reid on the drums.

What a cracker song – pacey, punchy, poppy !!  Well done Brett.

We’ll be posting more of Brett’s songs right here on The PBGB this space !!

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