Sunday, 3 July 2016


Mick Nadin
Immediately after we posted Mick's song 'Bureaucracy' on the PBGB Blog back in March, Mick was stirring us into action with a fresh number he titled 'Destiny'. You can listen to Destiny by clicking the link.

Although the songs feature very different feels, both share a commonality - they are both very much 'protest songs'.

The issue in question in Bureaucracy is self explanatory. The issues Mick highlights in Destiny are those of the invasion of Australia by Britain, and the refusal, to this day, of the conquerors to treat Australia's first people with due respect. In particular, Mick writes of his feelings about the ownership of the land and our refusal to agree a fair treaty with Australia's Indigenous people.

Mick tells the story .................

"Destiny began taking shape in my head after I read stories about the Eureka stockade. Impressions of rampant injustices began festering in my mind. Misunderstandings between the Aboriginals and the white colonists really became clear to me later on, while I was on holiday in Cooktown. And then, at the 2016 Cobargo Folk Festival I was fortunate enough to come into contact with well known Aussie songwriter Neil Murray who inspired me to write some verses down. The next day I sat in on an open forum with Aboriginal Elders who reinforced ideas I had and led me to write further verses.  'Destiny' was born!"

We Shedders are not averse to robust discussion around issues politic. Indeed a trawl through our earlier musical offerings will uncover many a song borne of dismay about how our world fails to function in ways we might prefer.
Tony Green

So yea, we're right with you on this one Mick.  Let's treaty !

Destiny marks the welcome PBGB Blog debut of Tony Green, who plays bass on the song.

Tony came out of the blue a couple of months back. He got in touch saying he had spotted the PBGB Blog and liked what he saw and heard. He asked if he might stick his head in one day and check it out. " Well sure Tony, come on down " !

Tony plays bass and guitar and is not averse to having  a sing. He is now a regular visitor to The Shed. Indeed, by featuring on a song posted on the PBGB Blog, Tony earns his stripes as a bona-fide member of the PBGB Family, not to mention collecting  a PBGB Tee Shirt.

Welcome to the Family Tony !!

You can read all about Tony's previous musical exploits by clicking HERE.

Mick wrote the song, sang it, and played the harp.
Steve Faggotter contributed the guitar licks
Tony Green debuted on bass
Pete did the drum stuff
Neil did the production work

And yes, the prolific Mick is already well underway with his next this space !

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