Friday, 23 September 2016


We got an email mid year.  'Twas from a fellow named Graham Brown who said he was a percussionist who had come across our website after talking with Neil, and was keen to drop into The Shed and see whether he might fit in.   
Well he did drop in, and he did fit in just fine. Been a regular ever since in fact. Got hisself and his percussion gear nicely set up over by the Shed door.   
Graham cottoned on to The Shed routine pretty smartly and before long arrived with his first attempt at a song. He had heard Gus call out "Forgot My Words" while Gus was leading us through one of his old tunes. Graham thought that might be the makings of a set of lyrics, so off he went.   
We had been messing about with the classic Bo Diddley feel for a while, and we thought that might work with Graham's lyrics.   Before long we had the lyrics and the feel stomping along together, and we were off !   HERE is what happened.    
So welcome to The Shed Graham, and thanks for the song.   
You can read more about how Graham came to be in The Shed by clicking HERE   
Graham wrote Forgot My Words, sings it, and plays percussion.   Steve Faggotter plays the guitar.   Mick Nadin blows his harp.   Neil Porter plays the bass and did the production work.   Pete plays the drums.     
Hope ya dig it !

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