Thursday, 8 December 2016


Not so long ago Dawson was in The Shed noodling around with one of his many 'yet to be recorded' songs. He called it Dust. Everybody stopped dead in their tracks and listened...............we all really enjoyed what we heard. 
Sometimes we think songs sound pretty good in their most basic format. Some songs just don't need a whole lot of instruments stomping all over the place. 
In this instance we were all set to record Dawson on his lonesome, when he said he would like include a dash of harp from Mick. Well Mick added a dash of harp to the mix, and in hardly any time at all, maybe two takes, they had it sounding super. See Dawson and Mick conferring on the finer points in the photo. A bit of serious Sheddery going on there boys ! 
So, next time they were together in The Shed we turned on the recorder, and THIS came out. Neil tidied it up a bit, but essentially what you hear is what went down. 
Another absolutely live recording from The PBGB Shed. Well done boys. A beautiful song Dawson, well sung, and well played. Love the ukework !! And Mick.............very tasty harp licks sir! A stellar perormance. 
Dawson tells us that Dust is about some people who come from the big smoke to settle on the Far South Coast, thinking that the ' issues' that were plaguing them back in the city will just miraculously disappear with a change of scenery. Some do of course, but then again, some don't...............sometimes the Dust just won't settle. We live in a paradise, but what's in some peoples' minds can't necessarily be sorted by a change of scenery. 
Dawson wrote Dust, played the ukelele, and sang up a storm. Yet another great song thank you Dawson. Mick played the tasty accompaniment on harp. Top work Mick. Neil recorded and mixed it. Wonderful work lads. Hope you enjoy it folks.

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