Tuesday, 19 December 2017


General Mikey and his Harp Arsenal
Mick pretty much takes care of what leads go in where, and which knobs to twiddle, on the Shed's recording set-up and PA.

'While back he fired everything up for a Sesh ...... nothing worked. Big Blank. Oh dear !

Mick was perplexed, and maybe a bit concerned that he might have done something wrong and blown up the whole shebang.

We managed to get it sorted............we'd pressed an Up-Date button and didn't realise we had to re-set the audio gizmo ( or something ).

Mick was righteously relieved. Not his fault. Settle down and have a beer Mick.

Not long after, he turned up with a song called 'Who Do we Blame?', and encouraged us to  'rassle up a bit of reggae riddumming.

It was fun tackling that weird back to front reggae feel.  But good fun thanks Mick.

Anyway, THIS is what came out.

Relax Mick, it's all good............. Ya didn't do it.

Mick Nadin wrote the song, sang it and harped on
Louise Nadin played da riddum guitar
Chris Ralfs da bass
Graham Brown hit all sorts of things
Peter Reid played upside down drums
Kerry Hynes chimed in with 'Such a Shame'
Neil Porter mixed it all down and did his Production thing.

Hope ya like it !

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