Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Mick and Louise are such prolific songwriters that it seems like a long time since we last posted a song that one of them offered up. But the reality is that it was only in February 2018 that we posted Mick's 'Leaving It All To The Dog'.

'The Doctor' has been a while in the making. It's a song we've been toying for a good while. We've had it close to completion a couple of times, but Mick has, until now, been looking for that little extra something. That certain 'Je-ne-sais-quoi' !  Seems Mick wanted it to be 'just so', and in his search he has approached his vocals from a few different angles. Now he is happy, and HERE it is!

Louise and Mick co-authored Just What The Doctor Ordered.

Mick says the song "emerged during a weekend when he and Louise were camping and surfing at Saltwater, a particularly beautiful spot about an hour and a bit south of Pambula. The first line of the song came out of the blue, and basically inspired a tongue in cheek story which is fairly self explanatory. It draws on my dark sense of reality and life experience. Its seasoned with a little male chauvinism to keep it light hearted. Louise helped with the lyrics when I got stuck. Many a truth said in jest they say!"

Many PBGB Shedders have played around with The Doctor as it came together, but on this version

Mick sang the song and played harp
Louise played rhythm guitar
Steve Faggotter played lead guitar
Neil Porter played bass
Pete played drums

Neil also helped out with the recording and did all the production work

It's a great song thanks guys................a swinging little ditty that's always fun to play, what with its loping groove and dynamic changes.

All the Shedders like playing it, hope you like it too !

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