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Garry was welcomed with open arms to the PBGB Family after making a great contribution to the first 'SuperSesh' in 2011.

He has since taken full advantage of The Shed facilities and his strong friendships with fellow PBGB Family Members Dave Crowden, Ken Vatcher, Jem Savage, Neil Porter and Pete to record six of his original compositions, two of which, Kumeka, and Whatever You Say, are accompanied by videos shot by Bill Brown.

Garry has recorded so many songs that we have set up this special 'Garry Carson Jones Project' site on the PBGB Blog !

Song notes for some of Garry's featured songs :
Ken at his big Gretsch kit!


Sure, we all have something to hide, but hey, we all want to be loved too.

Garry Carson Jones     Writer, Vocals, Guitar
Dave Crowden              Bass
Ken Vatcher                  Drums
Neil Porter                    Production 


The lyrics for this song were penned by Garry’s good mate, and road crew member, Michael Legge.  After Michael’s premature death, Michael’s mother Leslie passed Garry some lyrics Michael had written.  It has been Leslie’s wish that Garry might one day record one of Michael’s songs.
Dave, as always, in the pocket.

Well here it is Leslie, from Garry, with love. 

R.I.P. Michael

Michael Legge                         Lyrics
Garry Carson Jones               Music, Vocals, Guitar, Harp
Dave Crowden                        Bass
Ken Vatcher                            Drums
Neil Porter                              Production

I  AM  (1996)

Another of Garry’s friends died too early.  When he heard, Garry sat down with a heavy heart and wrote ‘I Am’.  Garry prays his friend has found his peace at last -  that he has gone to a good place, a place where they might meet up again some day.......... “a long, long way from here”.

Beautiful work Garry.

Garry Carson Jones               Writer, Vocals, Guitar
Dave Crowden                        Bass
Peter Reid                               Drums
Neil Porter                              Production


Around 1997 Garry wrote this “grunge" song for his rock band ‘Chill’.   What a riff !!!  Yoo-hoo !!   Go Gaz !!   Man those Humbuckers sound meean !

Don’t say you haven’t been told folks!

Garry Carson Jones               Writer, Vocals, Guitar
Dave Crowden                        Bass
Ken Vatcher                            Drums
Neil Porter                              Production

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Slick work team!

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  1. Great work guys. Leggey would love it too.
    Andy O


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